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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


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A lot of times, it will stop because you are wactihng the video faster than it can load. I'm not sure how you're wactihng it, so this may not be it. But if it's a Youtube situation, it helps to pause the video for a little while and wait for the entire video to load (or give it a good head start).


That's some good, sound advice. I never tried it, but I hear evnyoree rave about the service. I'm a YouTube man, myself. Bad quality, as compared to a DVD, but it'll suffice. I stopped watching TV when I was a teen (decades ago), and had a tube-type TV in the basement that I tried to dump for so long. Finally got rid of it without anyone in the house complaining, because TV is digital now (don't mention the analog to digital converter!). I might look into the streaming to computer…


Hey, long time fan of yours, pretty quiet about it tuhogh. Glad you made the move away from Gamespy. (You did, didn't you? Can I say that?) I haven't yet seen the movie, but I read the trilogy, and while I liked it quite a lot, I did feel like Katniss wasn't the best role model for anyone. She seems to be going around in a bit of a fog, which is understandable and even laudable, but she frequently makes choices in as anti-social a way as possible which add drama, but often make what could be difficult lessons in trust building into violent teenage angst. I am a fan of Collins, her Gregor the Overlander series is terrific, but I felt like she made Katniss needlessly untrusting and angsty. Take pretty much any interaction she has with Haymitch, Peeta or Gale as examples. In the books it doesn't feel like Katniss grows in character (although she does display a strong sense of right and wrong, albiet warped due to her reality) so much as she simply survives the events of the books as well as her own self-destructive tendencies.

risk board game

I like very much to play games online in my childhood, but before 12 years child should not play online games because in between games some vulgar images come diverts children's mind.


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The Madness

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