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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


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At our home sometimes we have 3-4 dfneerfit movies streaming on two laptops, one Logitech Revue GoogleTV box on TV as well as a wifi-capable Blu-Ray player w/out a single second of slowdown we love NetFlix stream Only problem is not 100% of the NetFlix content is available for instant streaming.


You can watch Flash videos on any tabelt using Windows 7, since flash player 10 is available for it. So you will be to able to watch Hulu, Netflix videos on HP Splate. And you can even download Hulu videos on Windows 7.And of course you will be able to install silverlight on a Windows 7 tabelt like HP Slate.


This is a good move by Netflix. They really need to improve their material and offer a greater archive of quality content. One of my biggest frustrations was the sheer amount of "junk" (straight to DVD) movies they had on offer, yet classics like Godfather II were nowhere to be seen! If they are to survive the onslaught of Comcast, they need to buck their ideas up and fast!


I bought a Zune 120 gb, it was my first mp3 plyear and I was not satisfied. I followed the claims that it has amazing sound but it sounded pretty bad straight out of the box. Most songs were either sub-par or just terrible. I was using my Sennheiser HD 202 headphones. It doesn't have EQ settings like the iPod and it felt cheaply built. Who really cares about a radio? You buy it to store music. I took it back next day and bought a classic 120 gb which I'm happy with. Bad deal from MS.

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