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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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Currently we get our IPs from the ISP. The ISP owns them and leases them to us. I didn't netgoiate this it predates me, because I never would have allowed this.But again, we talked to Lightpath about 4-5 years ago about this. And we weren't really serious so we didn't go any further than talking to the sales weenie.


And to think my ISP was looking to get us to add an adiiadontl T to our account doubling our bandwidth and it would have cost us more than what you got which would be 100x what we get in bandwidth. I may have to look into Cogent and propose it. Shoot for half what you got we would probably pay the same amount only headache is the fact that we lease a full class C.


Hmm im from India I've read somewhere that u were from NY..Now I used to work for AOL, Covad, SBC, Verizon, Sprint and AT T berfoe I finally stopped working as a DSL tech support. Honestly the attrition is so bad for tech support that 30% of the employees leave. Thats why you are more likely to get a new tech agent who is trying to help you out, but dosnt knw crap about the process !Always ask for a supervisor if you get even the slightest feeling they dont knw wht they are talking about.


Unfortunately, I think Salt will beat Inception this weekend. For one, Salt is a lttile over 90 minutes long, almost an hour shorter than Inception, so it can have more show times all weekend, therefore more possible tickets. I loved Inception, but I think the audience for it pretty much all came out the 1st weekend, since they loved Nolan and were waiting for it. I'm not so confident about people coming out for repeat viewings of it, since I think a ton of people didn't like it because of how confusing it is to follow. I think audiences are generally dumb and looking for light-hearted entertainment like Salt. Inception will be up for lots of categories at the Oscars (Director, Screenplay, Editing, maybe Best Actor, and the technical stuff), but Salt will make more overall unfortunately. It's sad, but that's how audiences are.

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I like your thoughts. Very insightful. I'll be keeping my eye out for more from you.


Heidi - Heidi Bruch here Liz's friend:-) I check your blog every so often and love to see how dalinrg Gabrielle is. I am DYING to know where the dress is from in her photo from 8/12 Love it. I would love to see the brands of some of those darlng fashions you have found for her always on the look out for my own daughter:-) Hope you are well she is gorgeous!


- Hi Heidi!I check your blog often too. (Have tried to leave a couple cntmeoms but don't have a Google ID to do so!) Hayden is incredible! It's been fun to watch her grow. Amazing how fast the time goes by. The dress in the 8/12/09 photo is from Janie and Jack a sweet gift from a friend the day Gabrielle was born.Maybe we will get to see you guys when we are in Seattle in October for at a McDougall Halloween get-together!Cheers!Jessica

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We will have a pop quiz today," that same sick feeling I had way back when swept over me.


I have an Insight Business Account and I have been very dissatisfied with the service. I have been trying to cancel the service since the first month we've had it (and simply remain having home internet service), but each time I talk to someone at Insight, they are rude, I get transferred multiple times, no one will give out a phone number, and they promise to call back but never do. Jonathan Downing at Insight has told me that the only way for me to cancel the service would be to pay the remainder of the year's charges in full. I hope that you will contact me so that we can come to a more ethical solution on this. I have been a loyal Insight customer for over 10 years and I don't appreciate being treated like this.

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Even with a 20 monthly discount I pay more for a 15 down 1 up internet connection Than other people pay for 30 down 3 up. I pay 60 dollars and people who are close to me and lucky enough to have a choice in cable operator pay 50 dollars. I pay more for half the speed. I doubt that will change with everything going down now . I hope things do change because before Insight only cared about Kentucky Ohio gets left in the cold


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WHERE IS HBO GO??????????????????????


Amy, Wayne and I have absolutely loved wtihcang you grow with your photography (and as a Mom of course) When I talk to anyone about your photos I always tell them that I've never seen anyone better, professional or otherwise. You just have a wonderful gift for seeing just the right picture at just the right time. We are so proud of you for how far you've come, just keep going girl, you can DO it all! Love you, Sandy


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The us due to us due to us canadian and chgpriyot laws its signal to the us due to us canadian and international broadcasting and chgpriyot laws its shortlived american version eventually became fuse.

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I always thought it was cool that you spoke favorably about using Netflix and Roku. That might be heresy among some cable execs I would think.

Paul Templeton

Thank you for keeping us informed through the years and I wish you well in your future endeavors.
I hope you find the time to write for this or another blog as I have always found your posts interesting as well as an insightful (no pun intended) view from a cable insider.
On a side note. If you are seeking employment the company I work for can use a part time painter LOL.
Best of luck to you,


i'm glad that the employees will be here for the near future. I just hope that time warner dosen't over build like they did it in ohio when they bought adelfia cable. the lines over there are a joke, but i do hope that with the new found capital of time warner they will be able to build out to people that insight just couldn't. due to not having the money to build out to them, like the city of kenton and other small cities that were just alittle too small or just alittle too far away from the hard lines.

i enjoyed working at insight and i also enjoyed working for time warner lets hope they take the best of both companies and make them even better

and michael i wish you the best for you and your family


Thomas Hensley

Ed Mulvaney


You have been an inspiration in my life since I joined Vision Cable in 1981. The direction and motivation provided by you moved our company and the industry forward to greater heights. Most of all you made us feel that we employees together made an impact and shared in the overall success of the company.

You always listened to your employees and treated them as family. This is your success.

I wish you all the best!


Ed Mulvaney

Lorraine Riordan


Best of luck to you. Wishing you much success in your next great chapter..... Remember, we were cable when cable wasn't cool!

Love and fond memories,
Lorraine Riordan

Insight Customer in Louisville

Best wishes for your future. I've really enjoyed this unique blog over the past few years. It has been pretty well balanced and has confronted some of the interesting issues that confront cable providers, especially over the top video. I always thought it was cool that you spoke favorably about using Netflix and Roku. That might be heresy among some cable execs I would think.

William Tolliver

Hey Mike ---- I have nothing but fond memories of the time I worked with you, Roger Worboys and the whole Insight staff 20+ years ago. You built a great company. I wish you all the best and thanks for giving me the opportunity to succeed.


99% or more of the price in the sale of Insight did not go to Michael. Yes he made good money in the deal but he put in alot of knowledge and hard work for Insight. I wish him the best in future endevors and hope that Time Warner can keep up the reliablity of service I have come to rely on from Insight.

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