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Friday, February 10, 2012


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It's impossible to make auctrace predictions on what people like. For instance: How can it know that I won't be able to stand watching XXX Staring Vin Diesel (mid 90 s)based on me giving the original Punisher (late 80 s) a four star rating? It simply doesn't know good-crappy movies from crappy crappy movies.On a similar note, I cannot stand a large majority of independent films but there are a few I really like so they get high ratings. It sees those high ratings on a few indie movies and baaam! Netflix thinks I like all crappy indie movies.It can be confusing based on actors too say you like John Travolta: Okay, you get Battlefield Earth.What about Robert De Niro? Okay, we'll suggest Shark Tale. Moral of the story, robots can't think.


That may be true, but it's also helped me disvocer movies I would have just ignored because of the higher profile ones being available. Double edged sword and all that.I'm hoping at some point Netflix makes a Streaming-only service available, I've had my DVD from them for two weeks haha.


I see red every time I click on a video link here that comes up with a blocked by Comcasr notcie. It infuriates me. I then take a deep breath and I count to ten and then I think about how Alex Jones rails about how society indulges itself in total immersion in a culture of sex and that people find fulfillment in that.Yeah right, immersed in sexual culture, What blather. People indulge themselves in the sexual repression here in USA and exalt in that repression, and finger wagging, not a culture sex. Jones is so emasculated owing to the rigors, strictures and mortification of his religious inculcation..And then the indignity of not being able to watch some of the videos posted here, doesn't sting so badly, by listening to Jones, in constrast to the effrontery of Comcast copyright blocking. Because I'm more infuriated by AJ.

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