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Friday, January 13, 2012


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no one had ever done fantasy “the HBO way, where the focus is on chatecrar and psychology rather than spectacle”.Stuart Murphy, Sky Atlantic director of programmes, added: “We know our customers’ anticipation for the series has reached fever pitch, so we wanted to ensure they could see the show as close to its US broadcast as humanly possible. The series is a true spectacle that will surprise and captivate audiences, and it’s a huge testament to HBO’s bravura film-making that they continue to subvert the genres we know and love, this time in the fantasy genre.”In related news, HBO Canada that they will be airing the series simultaneously with HBO in the US, which means an April 17th premiere for HBO Canada subscribers.Check out the rest of the announced air dates around the world at our .Winter Is Coming: Great news for all our UK-based readers! This was as close as they could get to the HBO air date without actually airing it before HBO. This means, of course, that you UK readers will have to wait an extra day before joining in the discussions on each week’s episode. But I suspect that is much better than having to wait weeks and weeks.Tags: ,


By on June 7, 2011Filed Under: Ballot listings for the next Primetime Emmy Awards are out! (We have alaredy written about on some of these.) The nominations will be announced on July 14, while the ceremony is going to take place on September 18. Here follows an overview of all Game of Thrones submissions:Art direction: Winter is Coming (ep. 1), A Golden Crown (ep. 6), and Fire and Blood (ep. 10)Costumes: The Pointy End (ep. 8)Cinematography: Winter is Coming (ep. 1) by Alik Sakharov, Lord Snow (ep 2) by Marco Pontecorvo, The Pointy End (ep. 8) by Matthew JensenDirecting: Winter is Coming (ep. 1) by Tim Van Patten, A Golden Crown (ep. 6) by Daniel Minahan, Baelor (ep. 9) by Alan TaylorEditing: Winter is Coming (ep. 1) by Oral Norrie Ottey, A Golden Crown (ep. 6) by Marty Nicholson, Baelor (ep. 9) by Francesca ParkerHairstyling: A Golden Crown (ep. 6) by Kevin Alexander and Candice BanksMakeup (Non-Prosthetic): Winter is Coming (ep. 1) by Paul Engelen and Melissa LackersteenProsthetic Makeup: A Golden Crown (ep. 6) by Paul Engelen and Conor O’SullivanSound Editing: A Golden Crown (ep. 6)Sound Mixing: A Golden Crown (ep. 6)Stunts: The Wolf and the Lion (ep. 5)Writing: Baelor (ep. 9) by David Benioff and D.B. WeissBest DramaBest CastingBest Main Title DesignDrama Lead Actor: Sean BeanDrama Lead Actress: Lena HeadeyDrama Supporting Actor: Mark Addy, Peter Dinklage, Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, Aiden Gillen, Kit Harington, and Jason MomoaDrama Supporting Actress: Emilia Clarke and Michelle FairleyIn related news, Game of Thrones for the Critics Choice Awards as best drama series! June 20 is the decision date.Hear Me Roar: Time to speculate! What category does our show stand best chances to win in? How many Emmy’s are coming this way? Tags: , , |


By on May 4, 2011Filed Under: , The auditions for sesaon two of Game of Thrones are set to begin today in London. In fact, they are likely on-going right now. These auditions will only be the first round of many, many rounds of auditions, so don’t expect casting announcements any time soon.If it is any thing like last year, the first round of auditions will only be in front of a casting associate or two. They will be recorded and sent to Nina Gold, David Benioff, D. B. Weiss and George R. R. Martin. From there, they will make a list of callbacks and those folks will come in and audition in front of Nina and usually either David or Dan. So we’re only at the start of a long process.Also, for those who have hopes of making it onto the show, has some good information on where to send your headshot and CV. It also includes a rundown of the types of extras they need. I haven’t seen a call go out from yet, the company that supplies the extras, so this info might just be a rehash of last sesaon’s extras casting call. But I’m sure they will need more of the same.Winter Is Coming: Exciting! I love the whole casting game. Searching for actors’ audition tweets and messages, digging up casting sides and breakdowns, waiting to hear casting rumors… fun stuff! Who do you think they are auditioning for today? They usually go roughly in order of importance and appearance. I’m guessing Brienne, Asha and Davos are all at or near the top of the list.Tags: , , , , | By on May 3, 2011Filed Under: More good news on the ratings front! James Hibberd of Entertainment Weekly is that the viewer total for the initial airing of Game of Thrones has risen this week compared to the previous two weeks, from roughly 2.2 million viewers to 2.4 million viewers.HBO should kill a wolf every week!Despite the previous week’s untimely direwolf death that rankled some viewers, HBO’s Game of Thrones rose in the ratings for the first time Sunday night. The show’s Sunday’s 9 p.m. airing was seen by 2.4 million, up from the past two weeks’ 2.2 million.Sunday night’s airings may have been impacted somewhat by Osama bin Laden’s death announcement on the West Coast, though the show had finished on the East Coast before the news leaked.Meanwhile, across the pond, Digital Spy that the ratings for Thrones held steady on Sky Atlantic.Game of Thrones steadied its UK audience to around 510k last night for Sky Atlantic, early viewing figures indicate.Starring Sean Bean, the medieval fantasy drama – recently renewed by US network HBO for a second sesaon – grabbed 506k (1.9%) in the 9pm hour for its latest installment ‘Lord Snow’.Winter Is Coming: Good news all around! The US number is rising, which is great. And it may have even risen more if the Osama news didn’t overshadow the West Coast showing, as Hibberd notes. It will be interesting to see next week’s numbers with no holiday and no huge news to detract from the total.And in the UK, Thrones hasn’t been able to hold onto the huge 750k+ opening figure, but 510k still makes Thrones Sky Atlantic’s top rated show. As long as the show holds steady, I think Sky will be very pleased.UPDATE: Hibberd has added the numbers for the 11 PM encore showing. He also reports on the new sum of total viewers for the premiere.Combined with the 11 p.m. airing, the show climbed to 3.1 million viewers, well above the previous standard of 2.9 million. Meanwhile Thrones premiere episode has climbed up to 8.7 million viewers via all the HBO platforms.UPDATE 2: Adam Whitehead notes that the total cumulative viewers for the premiere in the UK has and the numbers stands at 1.8 million.Tags: , , ,


Today in class we talked about Warner's intoprretatien of published print is different to Brown's view on print. In class I expressed how I think Brown and Warner have a similar view on the Power of Knowledge in that fact that they both believe in a higher class of white males running the printing world. Knowledge meant power in both the late 17th century and the 18th century through print. However, Brown is different from Warner because Brown believes that the publishing of print went to an oral path and Warner believes that published print took print to a public sphere .


Actually Hanaa, you're the one whose facts are not accurate. You think Cable TV service is a high profit item? Just look at any public cable company's financial statements. Conventional video cable service is the LOWEST margin business that cable operators provide, by a very long distance.


No, Lee: The facts do not bear out YOUR case. You are taking figuers from Time-Warner which lump cable TV service (a high profit item) together with Internet service and attempting to derive information about Internet service from them; sorry, but you can't do that. You are also greatly misinformed when it comes to bandwidth costs. Bandwidth is far and away our ISP's largest expense, and costs per megabit have been going UP lately, not down, due to consolidation in the backbone market and price gouging in the middle mile. I know; I'm in the business, while you are merely a busybody.


Shouldn't this blatant pciirng move be challenged by FCC, FTC, and perhaps the department of consumer affairs?There are organizations and consumers who have been using unlimited broadband services for many years now a service that has very directly shaped consumer behavior. For these service providers to now radically change their pciirng, and in effect exploit their most loyal customers, is clearly unethical, and likely illegal too.Beyond hitting our pockets, this trend will raise barriers to future adoption of digital media/apps, and will certainly deepen the digital divide. Appears to be a worthy cause for consumer rights activists and regulators to take on.


If P2P is a problem then perahps they should cap upstream bandwidth. I'm sure this wouldn't be a problem for legitimate users and would not cause the heartburn this is causing in Congress.For broadscale Internet access, this can be procured by a cable operator at 4 cents per GB. At this rate a 100 GB/Month cap would cost the operator $4/month, still leaving a lot of room for margin in a $40/Month cable bill. Even further, content providers like XM/Sirius and Apple pay content delivery networks like Akamai to cache these files directly into cable operators head-ends, eliminating the 4 cents per GB Internet fee for these feeds and streams.This is clearly intended only to protect their cable service which forces people to pay for channels they don't watch. Why do I have to subsidize doper A-Rod's $28 Million/year salary made possible by the fees I am forced to pay by Time Warner Cable for ESPN when all I want to watch is the Discovery Channel? This is your cable operator at work.


At the point that Internet use is a truly competitive maekrt, you'll be free to develop pricing plans as you like. But today, residential broadband is a virtual monopoly or duopoly in most locals, with just 1 or 2 companies (cable/telco) offering high-speed broadband internet. And there's limited wireless spectrum, so WiMax or other wireless technologies are not going to create true competition.So long as we're talking about regulated utilities, then you should be required to act as one. Let the local utility boards set your Internet rates according to cost plus a reasonable profit. If high-use services truly increase your costs, then you will be free to pass these costs to the users. You should also be subject to uptime guarantees, and to offer truly plug-and-play modems and routers that guarantee uptime.I don't know much about the situation with Time-Warner, but I think the 250GB cap from Comcast is not unreasonable, except for the following. First, they should publish a rate for exceeding the cap. Let the customer know what are the consequences for excessive use. Second, provide tools to show the customer their usage. It is NOT reasonable for customers to meter their own use. All other utilities provide meters that clearly state the usage.


The bottom line is that cable prredivos are monopolies that are broken down by city, area code and state. Since they have their own assigned areas they don't have the need to compete with one another.If costumers could choose between different cable companies within their area these companies would do what it takes to keep their costumers happy by providing as their name implies the wanted services


I am really tired of the whole thing. I alwyas viewed the reluctance of TWC and Cablevision to offer this service was based on the realization that it is only a matter of time before consumers will form a direct paid relationship between, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and other cables premium channels.This will eventually cut cable companies out of this revenue stream. It is inevitable, and happenning already.At this point I do not knopw what the truth is, but I will be really surprised if Time Warner Cable really offers HBO Go, or anything like it ever.

Chris Denny

Well, let's hope for the TNT and TBS apps as well.


Almost Feb......Still NO HBO GO ???

Al Swearengen

I would like to know WHEN the merger will be completed. Ready for HBO GO. My (and my neighbors) patience is running short. Please respond to my comment by email, i deserve that much as a lifelong Insight customer.


I know someone who worked for a small cable operator that was bought out by TWC several years back. He said after the deal was finalized (Keep in mind the Insight deal has not yet closed), it took 2 years to see any changes. The name on the bill changed and that was it. So how long will Insight customers be waiting Mike? Does this "great news" cancel out the fact that TWC does not give their internet customers access to ESPN3? Will insight cable TV customers get added content but the ISP side (You know, the one not bleeding subscribers at every cable company) lose it in this takeover? Shame on you Mike.


Deleting comments eh?

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