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Monday, January 30, 2012


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"honey you're never satisfied."no, it's not that. not even a litlte bit. i just have a constant drive for better .. i KNOW i can be a better partner, wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, CHRISTIAN . what ways can i change . better yet, how can i improve?another idea that came to mind was the medical field. if there was not constant evaluation and studies and technology changes, our world would be a lot less populated because the death rate, for not only adults, but babies as well, would be extremely high just like they were years and years ago. people would die from things like the common cold and such. sorry, i know it was probably NOTHING along the lines of your thought process, but it's where my mind went when i read this.always an interesting read, Mr Rivera


Totally love this new podcast. I grew up in the 80 s and cdolun't agree with you guys more on this movie. I watched this when I was 13 or so in the theater and I remember turning to my buddies and saying this exactly If those damn horses fly off the cliff and keep going, I am out of here. That is exactly what they did though and we stayed regardless.

tablet pc

i use ipad 2 good


If you do not wish to get content from Apple, then don't get the Apple TV, lesnus you are Canadian ( in where it supports Canadian Netflix, while Roku yet doesn't).I don't know enough about Google TV yet, but for the price of the Logitech box, I wouldn't try it yet.

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