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Tuesday, January 03, 2012


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First, you should know that I'm a ggaedt/tech hound. I've had everything there is out there, from Amiga to Zenith. Remember the WebTV? I had one some 15 years ago. I bring that up because, frankly, I don't see much difference between that failed attempt at bringing the web (as it was called then) to TV and Google's latest try. Sure, the graphics are fancier and, yes, there will eventually be more you can do with Google TV, but for now, it's a disaster. I got the Revue on Friday and hooked it up. I'm running Verizon FiOS with their newest DVR (not nearly as good as my TivoHD, but not bad for a provider). Setup was fairly easy, although the machine froze while trying to update. Had to unplug and reboot. Fine. Set the screen size, signed in, and well I was frankly unimpressed. As others have mentioned, accessing Amazon on Demand is lame you can't search through the app, it's painfully slow to respond, and the picture quality of the video is subpar. Same with Netflix. My RokuHD box is MUCH better at accessing both Netflix & Amazon. And it only cost $79.00. Pandora? Eh. I can get that through Roku, too. Revue didn't provide anything in terms of apps that I couldn't get much cheaper, with better picture and sound quality and a smoother, faster UI. As for the integration with the internet, it's nice, but nothing revolutionary. So I can open a browser on my TV. So what. It's not worth the $300 sticker price just for that benefit. The device controls the TV and my AVR, and that's it, so don't go thinking it's going to take the place of your dedicated all-in-one remote. All that, AND folks are discovering serious frame rate and audio issues (you can follow the discussions on the Logitech site, [...]). So, to sum things up: Cons: - expensive - poor video quality with Amazon & Netflix - poor UI in Amazon & Netflix - can't access Hulu, NBC, CBS and other major content providers - Flash loads very slowly and flash video stutters - can't control more than the TV and AVR - the whole product and the Google TV platform feel very beta - no killer apps (yet) Pros: - Amazon's return policy Frankly, I'm tired of being a beta-tester for the latest tech. I'll wait for v2 and rethink a purchase. I recommend you do the same.

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