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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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Dear Mike:I just saw you picture for the first time tghnoit and immediately forwarded it to all of my friends and ask if some one had a picture of Samuel shaking the Dr.’s hand at 2 or 3 years old. I then went to truthorfiction.com to see if I could find anymore information about the child and that was how I found your website. I will be ordering a picture from you and would like to talk with you some time. The one reason that picture meant so much to me, I had a landlord that bragged to me, how much MONEY a local doctor had saved him because the Dr. had advised him to allow his baby to die after it was born, because it had the same problem as little Samuel. They both will have to answer to God some day for that death. I did ask a person to forward the picture to that family. By the way that Dr. told me one day that his phones were ringing off the wall from people wanting abortions, after a local Godly family had been walking in front of his office proclaiming to the world what the Dr. was doing. I told him that some day his ears would ring for eternity.Now to everyone else that reads all of these good comments and cares about little babies in the womb (The most dangerous place they will ever be) please consider purchasing one of the pictures so you can show it and maybe save another human’s life from the army that wants to Kill God’s Little Children and the future of the world.Mike you are a blessing for standing in the gap in this time of need fighting the army. (Mike I will be ordering a picture from you) and as God provides more to give away.May the Love of Jesus the Lover of Children comfort and protect you:Andy Milleredit this on


We still love looking at all our egmenagent pictures!! I'm so happy you entered the one of us holding hands, thats the one we want to frame and put in our bedroom. You rock at capturing the in the moment shots . We can't wait for the big day!!!!

Enrique Garcia

Hi Michael, could you post what is Insight's stance on the SOPA bill?

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