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Friday, January 27, 2012


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I believe the plesaed face only appears during certain times of the day. Like what it says when you mouse over it Pleased Hour . Problem is, I am unsure when these hours start and end.


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Chris Denny

Megaupload knew what they were doing, and Kim Dotcom's DMCA compliance wasn't enough to fool the rest of the world in to thinking Megaupload was a good internet neighbor. However, like most of these kinds of actions, pirated material will just go even more 3rd world in to countries where ACTA isn't signed.
I can imagine North Korea will find a new source of revenue hosting this kind of internet traffic.


i used megaupload for downloading roms for my rooted phone which is 100% legal now we are on 4shared which is a russian based company which i dought is going to as compliant to the FBI's request to arrest someone in their country for united states crimes

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