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Friday, January 20, 2012


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Yay for un-fettered (and un-stolen) internet!!! Yay for cable!!! Welcome back to the world of the livnig!! Sorry about not being able to sleep in, though. That sucks a million I treasure my sleepy time the girls are getting bettter and better at sleeping in and I'm getting worse and worse about getting them ready in time for therapy. I really need to start going to bed earlier. Anyway welcome (legally) back!!Sadie's last blog post..


Oh, gotta love Comcast and bowing to the whims and wihess of a monopoly. I had our phone (through Comcast) go out a few weeks back and they called before coming out I explained the problem and they had an ah-ha and knew exactly what it was (something outside not inside). The next day the sitter let the tech in, he looked around and left five minutes later WITHOUT FIXING THE PROBLEM. I called to call two more times and have him come back out. DUH! Oh the joy. Glad you are up and keep up the great blog posts!Sarah, the Spunky Mommy's last blog post..

Chris Denny

If Comcast shuts off the extra esata, usb and other available ports, it will be just as closed as the other cable carrier's DVR's are now. Which doesn't make it stand out for myself, as a user and just as useless.
So your better off going after a TiVO.

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