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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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And the topper to the wkeeend was when sister S put her skinny jeans in the wash without telling me. Now all our clothes are PINK or some shade of PINK! THANKS sister S NOT!!!!It was a pretty good wkeeend to tell the truth. Michael was acting up in church and then he was able to collect himself and sat and colored. And for a kid high on sugar he was good. I can recall holidays past when Sister B & L would come over from their other parent's house and be robo-brats because the only thing they had to eat was SUGAR!(Hubby) You know, I still don't remember much of that stretch. Glad we have pictures, video and this blog to remind me of all the fun we've had.


Technology moves too fast for ill conceived ideas like the filaed (twice) cable card.No sooner would you hook it up and then wish you had a DVR. Or pay upfront for it to be in your TV when you have already decided on a Satellite feed.Whatever the case .keep the darn government out of it!


It is about time these cable companies did sehntmiog about these energy sucking cable tv boxes. It's bad enough these companies charge us so much money on a monthly basis,(and continually raise their their rates-at least here in new york)their boxes also raise our electricity bills. Truly makes sense they will install sleep technology in their boxes,since,for years most of cable tv's programming(with the exception of a select few original programs here & there) has put the majority of us cable subscribers to sleep . Thank you.


Michael -- just spoke to customer service about 3D channels in Columbus. Representative says that there is NO PLAN to bring ESPN 3D to Columbus. Really? I am disappointed to hear this. Poor planning.

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