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Friday, January 20, 2012


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Hi Charles!!how are you? hope you are well man!I am totally iseripnd by your story, when you first got started from very beginning from 10th grade to becoming a millionaire… I really like that you never give and believe in your heart and yourself that your life will change, I am so happy to know you now!! I watched your 1st and 2nd dvd , I love it your awesome guy , with full self development, mindset and bettering your life and other too! You are so right about your Past doesn’t that, you gotta think ffwd and believe in yourself and Take Action. I really love your teaching, its mind blowing… I am watching your videos alot lately and totally My life will change too, thanks so much for inspiration,I hate my crappy job I am 24 years old from Lansing, MI , and your from Traverse city,MI, same state I would love to meet you that will be so Awesome !hope to hear from you soon and meet you!THANKS SO MUCH!PS: I will believe in myself and faith and most importantly and taking ACTION! ACTION! ACTION!Also Everyone don't give up on yourself . I know sometime it feels like there's voice inside your head oh i can't do this, its too hard!! Don't let stupid shi#it stopped u! Just moved ffww and just do it!Have a great one!PeaceShariq S


I have ADD and can not seem to absorb the iamprtont things I read. I cannot stay focussed when reading learning materials. I can read a fictional book and remember enough to tell most of the story, but when it comes to educational things I cannot even remember two minutes later. You mention you have ADD, please tell me how you overcame it to learn how to put these educational tools to work for you. I also do not believe in myself enough, but I am working on it.Thanks for your inspiration,CatReply from CharlesHello Cat, I say I did have ADD. And I have helped myself dramaticly and I will tell you how. First off y ADD is not a bad thing. Lots of very successful people have it. People that have ADD just happen to think differently than everyone else and sometimes we tend to annoy the hell out of people. But that makes us successfull often. Anyway what has helped me is Speed reading. get speed reading software it will help you dramaticly when it comes to reading comprihention and comprehending anything. I use a softrware from I Q and it works great. seconnly you need to avoid all fast food and greesy foods. You also need to eat food with lots of omega fatty acids. I take Udos oil pills everyday they have the proper ballance of all 3 omega faty acids. also I take weet grass pills everyday and acai berry powder. all this together will help you dramaticly and you may start feeling like you no longer have ADD. please excuse all my grammmer mistakes but I'm on my laptop without spell check and my staff isnt editing this post.

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