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Monday, November 28, 2011


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sorry tvtech1 is off just a litlte bit.LED LCD tv's are not OLED tv's.there is only one in the consumer market, sony makes it and it is only 11 inches, larger models are expected probably in 5 yearsthis is the only difference between a regular LCD and a LED LCDall LCD tv's prior would use a white fluorescent lamp for the backlight. the problem is there is one lamp and it has to be on all the time. the tv uses filters to create blacks and shades of whites and blacks. since the light is always on, this is why LCD tv's have a lower contrast ratio. it is very difficult to filter completely and depending on the quality of the filters, colors can blend and mash together.on the new LED LCD tv'sinstead of the white lamp backlight, there is a sheet of thousands of LED's behind the front screen which provides the backlight for the tv. since the tv can control each LED(there are red, blue, and green LED's) it can turn them on and off in sections which causes the higher contrast levels and more accurate colors over a regular LCD tv.the LED LCD's are getting on par with plasma tv's in regards to the contrast and color accuracythe only concern in the market right now is that LED's burn out inconsistently and since the tech is fairly new, it is unknown when this will start to happen, which will cause issues with the overall picture. will it happen in 3, 5, 7, 10 years. manufactures do not know at this time

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