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Monday, November 14, 2011


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You can read reviews for the Logitech G51 Surround Sound 5 1 Speaker System on Amazon.I was a liltte reluctant to purchase another set of Logitech speakers. My first set, the Z-560, worked well, but one of the channels burned out about 16 months after I purchased them.My second set, the Z-680, sounded great but had a fatal flaw: HISSSSSS. I had to have a box fan going in the room to drown out the constant hissing. It finally drove me to seeking another set, and I desperately sought out a non-Logitech set of speakers. Sadly, in my narrow price range, there were no alternatives that I can find.With some relucatance I ordered the G51. I set them up yesterday, and so far I'm very pleased with them. The soul-searing hiss present on the z-680 is mercifully gone, and the system sounds excellent. The bass is sufficient without being overpowering (provided you turn it down a notch or two from the default setting), and the control pod is sensibly sized and sports a great, logically laid out interface. Mids and highs are perfectly acceptable for a relatively cheap computer speaker set.The matrix mode works surprisingly well (though I think it's likely nothing that revolutionary, just a re-imaging if their existing stero x2 mode) for both games and music.I don't have plans to use the silly patent pending mod system' (pretty much just a piece of transparent plastic to slip printed designs into), but if you do want to pimp your rig' then I suppose the option is there.Here's a couple of tips for the new G51 users:1) Take off those grills on the speakers! They are *not* acoustically transparent, and in my ears the highs opened up a bit after removing them. Just be careful not to poke anything into the exposed speaker drivers!2) BE CAREFUL if you mount the center channel on your LCD screen; I cringed when I read the instructions to tighten the hinge screw' this is applying pressure to your LCD monitor. If you over tighten you might experience the pleasure of cracking your LCD screen in half. I simply placed mine on top and used a liltte double sided tape on the base I'd rather have a slightly loose center channel than a pair of non-functioning 11 flat screen monitors.

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