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Tuesday, November 08, 2011


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no, eric is not going to die, if you watch the preview slwoly, there's a scene where sookie is running out of fantasia in the daylight carrying a silver chain.. i think she'll kill russell with it and saves eric!!! yehey!!!! there's still hope for sookie and eric hook-up!!!


i've watched you guys since S1, when the vlogs were on AfterElton. i love you guys and enjoy your corenmtamies if anything, AB and the staff of True blood should look at your reviews and JRothC's as what 75% of what the viewers as a hole feel. sometimes i don't agree with you guys, sometimes you guys make me see something i might have overlooked. exceptional season with a WTF, sporadic end. i'd like to know why they chose to write the LAST ep so r u watching Jessica's BabyVamp vlog?


Thank you!! Ive been waiting for this video. I tatloy love you guys!! I agree with Andy, it kinda did suck. I expected more. Evil sookie had me laughing. She went nuts, lol. I still dont know about Bill. I mean the truth that came out was Bill was bad in the begining. His feelings changed towards her. My opinion. Jason is king of HotShot, lol. I think Hoyts mom will try to kill Jessica but she may shot Hoyt by mistake and maybe this is where Bubba comes in, Hmmmmm.


Love you guys! I enjoyed the soesan even if they did screw us on the finale. I enjoyed the Bill/Eric/Sookie dynamic this episode. Bill was so totally full of Sh*T. Glad Eric called him out. Love Tara's new look. Work! And Mrs. Sophie-Ann killed it in that dress . . .for the two minutes she was on the screen. I don't think Sam shot Tommy. Hoyt & Jess are too cute as always but they might wanna get that baby doll in the den checked out. Didn't like the ending but I look forward to Season 4!


It's May; the day after the Kentucky Derby and we still have no word from insight cable or Time Warner about when we here in the Louisville, Ky/Cincinatti, Ohio area are to expect to receive HBO Go etc... It's been about a year since it was introduced to other subscribers; where's ours???


It's the middle of January for Christ's sake; where the Hell is our Hbo Go etc...?


It's December............Where T F is the mobile programming insight??? WTF!!!


Where is my HBO GO etc...Insight???


Figures......No Answers!!!


Apparently not paying customers of Insight Cable either...It's November already, and still NO HBO GO, MAX GO, or any other kind of "GO" or, "ANYTHING" from Insight cable......"Feeling Really Left Out Here In The Louisville, Ky. Metro!!! What's the deal!!!

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