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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


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I think it’s great that these providers are moving forward with their own TV Everywhere offerings. My only question is why are there so many restrictions? The apps from Cablevision, Cox, Comcast and Time Warner all have the same faults. They are only good for the iPad, they only allow streaming from the home network and they only stream a handful of channels. I thought it was TV Everywhere. I have service from DISH Network. They are the only company that really seems to believe in TV Everywhere. I recently got a Sling Adapter for free under a promotional offer. With it I can stream all of my TV channels, over 250, all live right to my phone or tablet. Lots of devices from iOS, Android and Blackberry are supported and any 3g, 4g and WIFI network will allow full streaming. I can control my DVR and view its recordings too! It’s cool that the other companies are working on TV Everywhere but I wonder when they will catch up with DISH.


Meanwhile Insight customers just want HBOGO, WatchESPN or ShowtimeAnytime.com mike.

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