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Tuesday, October 04, 2011


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Roger Chui

Hey, Michael, if you're looking to lower those numbers even further you could offer boxless HD in Lexington too!

Mike Colehouse

These numbers surprise anyone??? When Cable Labs makes it damn near impossible to get a device approved there is no incentive to develop such devices. Not to mention Tru2way is up the creek and AllVid is the "strategic direction". All of the other products require a relative costly upfront investment which can be justified by the amortization over a couple years. Most consumers don't want to bother.

Paul Cahill

TIVO rules the DVR and to be honest, Insights on demand menus and guide sucks compared to tive, but I just can't justify the TIVO cost. I wish some cable company would buy them.

Aaron B

As a CableCARDs go they let you get all the same broadcast channels and programs in SD and HD that are offered by the cable company. The trade-off though is that if you use a third party device like a TiVo, or any other CableCARD ready device you loose the video on demand from the cable company.

I have a few TiVo DVR and use CableCARDs but I also have the insight DVRs. A year ago I would have said "pfft, ill skip the insight DVR" but I am on the verge of canceling all the TiVo boxes but one. Eventually I would like to be able to cancel them all, if only the search functions allowed me to search by actor, director, ect. *hint hint hint*


I'd be all over a cable card for my three-tuner HDHomeRun Prime, if getting the service level that actually made it useful would not DOUBLE the cost of my Insight cable bill.

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