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Friday, October 07, 2011


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Steve Jobs was an amazing person. I agree with you that he never accepted failure, or any other excuse that attempted to explain why a goal had not been reached. That is what I believe sets Apple apart. I believe that Steve would simply say "this is what I want on the market, and you have X-amount of time to get it there". He transformed the music and movie industries (about time), and I believe that it is time for the TV industry (including licensing / rights management) to change too.

I want to be able to literally take the same channels that I get on my TV, and have them ALL available on my iPad/iPhone in the same format as I have them on my TV -WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS OR BLACKOUTS-. I want my local TV channels as well as "cable channels". I want to be able to take my Indianapolis cable subscription on the road with me to my Inlaws' house in Cincinnati and still be able to use and watch all the channels that my cable subscription offers at home. I don't want a handful of online content. I can get that on my own. I want my cable subscription available on my iPad/iPhone just as it is on my cable box. That is what I am waiting for, and would be willing to pay for. Right now, I have to rely on Orb, Singbox, and HD Homerun to make this happen. I would much rather it all be available on one app.

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