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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


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I posted my poeivrus message only 10 days ago (comment 17) and I was surprised with the timeliness of your reply. Shortly thereafter, I went to Friends of Ed and picked up an e-version of your book, Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8 . When I have the free time, I just plow through large chunks of the book. I've gotten halfway done in only 2 sittings. What a great book! I'm thoroughly impressed with your writing style. It's the only book of this nature that I've managed to stick with past the first couple of chapters. Every other technical book is littered with show stopping errors that prevent you from proceeding, but Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8 is short on mistakes, with any problems already having an errata. Kudos to the very detailed updates for the Apache and PHP software installations. I've only encountered a few hang-ups, but they only deal with situations outside of the books material, like my email settings. (Still cane2€™t get the online forum to auto generate an email.)Ie2€™ve never touched Dreamweaver before purchasing this book, and I already feel very capable of proceeding to the end of the book. When I went shopping for Dreamweaver books, I scoured Amazon for reviews on all the titles. The reviews for your book on PHP simply made me want to buy the book. I had a friend in Hong Kong search high and low for copies, but to no avail, thate2€™s when I came here looking for the e-book. (Ie2€™m in Mainland China, so English books are in short supply, especially ones of this nature.) I didne2€™t know anything about PHP at the time. In retrospect, I should have bought a book on ASP, because thate2€™s what my company uses, but Ie2€™m not leaving PHP now. I cane2€™t imagine ASP having a book this well written. Ie2€™m sticking with PHP, and if you ever come out with any other books, Ie2€™ll stick with those technologies as well.Ie2€™m a David Powers fanboy now.Just a few more questions relating to your other titles.First your new book, if I done2€™t have Dreamweaver CS3, can I still work through it using Dreamweaver 8? I cane2€™t imagine dropping $400+ just for the software when this whole web development thing is still just a side hobby to satisfy my need for continuous education.Your Flash book, what is Flash and should I try to get into it? If the book is written half as well as the title I purchased on Dreamweaver 8, Ie2€™m sure I can learn it. I just done2€™t really know much about it. Ie2€™m kind of looking for an excuse to pick up any titles that youe2€™ve written.Just some background on my web development goals, Ie2€™m an online rpg gamer so I was wanting to build a guild website. Thate2€™s where the dynamic stuff comes in, guild rosters and DKP reports. (DKP is just a membere2€™s currency that they spend to buy in-game equipment). Other things Ie2€™d like include: a member login, forum, blog area. What other web development technologies can I use to jazz up this kind of site?Sorry for the long post, but feel the amount of praise here is well deserved.Jonathan

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