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Friday, September 02, 2011


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2 weeks ago I bought a new coemtupr, which upgraded me from XP to Windows 7 64-bit.Initially my broadband was fine but then started to go haywire, causing me to tear out what little hair I have left. Following all the threads about problems with wireless routers and Windows 7, it turns out that my router is supposedly fully compatible with Windows 7.This morning a search has come up with your site, where other local users are experiencing this same total inconsistency from second to second. One minute I have 3.7Mbps, about the best I ever get, and the next perhaps only 0.4Mps. The worst of it is that when the signal drops off completely, this new coemtupr requires me to shut it down, re-boot the router and only fire up the coemtupr again once the internet signal has fully returned.I am on The Ballard Estate using TalkTalk. Since other users sound as though they are with BT, it seems that the problem is indeed with the quality of the telephone signal rather than our providers. This estate is also probably out on a far limb of the exchange network.David Drury

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He received a JVC mini DV cmeraa used. The cable that comes with four pins were on the computer side. Since the team only six-pin FireWire adapter and I hate that I have purchased this cable cable.El exactly what they should do what me the contents of mini DV cassettes can be transferred to my computer, and I) can control the cmeraa from Linux (through cinema. I am very satisfied with the product.

Paul Cahill

let's hope it stays that way once insight is absorbed but some other crappy company.

Mr. Friend

Link is broken

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