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Monday, September 26, 2011


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After watching a few of the 80 s films foonlwilg along with FilmSack, I have come to realize that my older brothers and sister did me a favor. They must have watched some of these really bad sci-fi movies and then shielding me from their exposure. Krull was something, I will give it that. I think my favorite part of badness was the 10 minutes of rock climbing we have to endure when Colon, er, Colwyn has to get to the lava cave. As for the Glaive? WHAT A POS! Sure it was like the star in Super Mario but could it kill big and ugly at the end? NOOOOOOOO. Only the power of love can defeat that monster! Love and fire!Anyway, the show is amazing. I love every minute of it.


Not necessarily live, but most shows are avibaalle later in the evening. I watch Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and Jon Stewart online. During the past winter, we picked up a couple of episodes of Lost and Flash Forward from the network's episode site. (I'm in Canada, so my episode URLs would be different than yours.) I pick up the audio for Bill Maher on iTunes for my iPod. I used to get Olbermann on iTunes, but it was easier to use the NBC site.

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