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Monday, August 15, 2011


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Paul Cahill

Lance - your service is NOT typical insight. A couple years ago, I found Micheal on facebook. I sent him a message about how I loved insights service and was so happy we didn't have to deal with the same crap that comcast and time warner users dealt with (and others). I mentioned in my message how I wasn't happy about a call I got from support about leaving VNC open on my internet connection open for work purpose and for the next two weeks I got a phone call from insight support almost daily on my home's voicemail trying to help me out.

Do you think these huge conglomerates would do that? not a damn chance. RIP insight. Wish I could have worked for such a great company and I hope wherever Michael goes, they prosper well.

D John

Shouldn't this have been posted under the infamous Hall of Shame section?


Paris, you've probably had the best for you, but for me I've had a slew of issues left and right. I think Insight's cable is overpriced compared over WOW or TimeWarner or even Direct TV or even Dish!

I'm so upset, and have had several points where customer service was just terriable. I've talked with people who have Insight, and have said the same thing. So I know im not crazy, but believe me my walk with them has been tough, and I hope this deal hurry up and goes through, so I can have Time Warner ASAP!

Paris Miller


Insight in Columbus is a Time Warner Cable reseller. They're using TWC satellite equipment, broadband headend gear, and possibly even TWC customer care associates. (Although I'm not sure on that last one, I may be wrong.) In areas where Insight runs the show itself, Insight is AMAZING. The NKY folks are awesome, always prompt, professional and even in a disaster kept the services running. I miss having their service. Michael has helped me several times with escalated issues that couldn't be dealt with at the office level. I was a proud Insight customer, and I just hope that Time Warner will let the customer first spirit live on.

Hi, I'm Paris, and that's my Insight.


This is the happiest news for me! I'm sorry Insight is far worst cable outlet here in Columbus area. I've had WOW and never had a problem but having Insight was no picnic. Customer Services was bad, price and billing was overpriced and had many issues with my services. Everybody I knew had issues with this company and nobody ever took action. I wished Comcast would have bought them out, but Time Warner owns 60% of the audience in Columbus area. I wished WOW was in my area, but Insight and WOW fight tooth and nail, and I wasn't moving due to the cable outlets. I rather have direct tv over cable, but cable continues to go up and nobody at the top gives a damn! For me I welcome Time Warner buy-out! This is music to my ears. Insight sucked plain and simple and couldn't have happened to a crappy company!


...and I just got my Ceton InfiniTV 4 less than a month ago to get rid of the crappy DVR and save $10/month. Looks like I just flushed $300 down the toilet b/c I will NOT be going back with TWC (my wife and I had them when we lived in Richmond, and they were HORRIBLE).

Oh how I wish Lexington had either U-Verse or FIOS.


Have been mulling this announcement over for days now. It will not be a good thing when it comes to customer service, I know. There may be higher end tech via TWC, but I care only about the Internet feed - and Insight has been astonishingly great on this end. Can't see any improvement. Economies of scale for the stockholders: not the subscribers.
Hope that you keep blogging, Michael - it has been great reading your Insights! And I hope that you are on the TWC board.


I am honestly sad to see Insight dissolve into TimeWarner. Smaller companies (in my opinion) are always better than the mega companies, especially when it comes to customer service, rates, and their willingness to work with you to get issues (including billing) resolved.

While Insight is no longer in my area (Central Indiana), it was the best cable company that I had ever dealt with. When I went through a financial meltdown, Insight worked with me to make sure my services with them were not turned off, and whenever I had a service problem, they were quick to get it fixed. Under Comcast, they NEVER fix their problems, and all I see are rate hikes, bandwidth caps, and a multitude of other problems. The only way to keep your rates low with Comcast is to own ALL of your own equipment (but if it breaks, Comcast won't lift a finger to help), and to bludgen them over the head with a constant threat to go to U-Verse or satellite.

When I lived in Cincinnati, I never had a problem with TimeWarner. Back in the day, they gave me a cable box and modem (with no rent charges). The catch was, it was theirs, and I was not allowed to use my own equipment. The flip side to that was that they were instantly aware of a problem with the gear at my house, and often had a tech at my house to fix/replace faulty equipment before I knew there was ever a problem. Today (at least at my mother-in-law's house in Cincinnati), they do charge rent for their gear, but they are still instantly aware of any problems or issues that their gear is having. Perhaps it is just the Cincinnati market, but if I was to be forced to choose between Comcast and TimeWarner, I would go with TimeWarner in an instant.

Michael, I wish that Insight would reverse this decision. Competition is always a good thing, as it keeps innovation moving forward, keeps prices low(er), and forces companies to stay honest. With Insight gone, TimeWarner just grows bigger and more deaf to their customers.


I for one have mixed emotions on this as well. i've been an insight customer for many years never been a time warner customer but i have worked for both companies working for insight was a blast had alot of fun. 1 in 10 customers i talked to didn't like insight for one reason or another. then i worked for Time Warner they paid better, but 4 out of 10 customers you talked to HATED them. which made it very difficult to work there. as a insight customer i call up insight and say i have a problem with my service internet isn't going as fast as it should couple channels aren't working what ever the case they try to fix it on the first call and if they can't then i have a tech coming out within the next few days to fix the problem if its an outage they disbatch a team THAT NIGHT and its fixed before you wake up the next day. when i was working for time warner people would tell me they had a problem years ago and thats why they left i say with confidence that the problem was fixed (thinking to my self) "its been years surely they have it fixed" i sell that person to only get a call from that person 1 day- 2 weeks later yelling at me that they are still having the same problem they had YEARS ago as a insight customer and ex employee i know insight took care of their lines and we should have no problems for a few years but i know when the lines fail or something goes wrong time warner will do a quick fix that will be nothing but problems from then on out and for a programming note some time warner markets have NFL network cincinnati and most of ohio do not lets hope we get the best of both worlds and get all the channels they have plus all the channels we currently have and put them together i dought it but its a hope and if time warner takes away channels like hd-net hd-net movies and NFL network then i guess i'll have to go to another company cincy bell fios is right up the road from me and they will be coming to my house within the next few months to a year that way i will have choices on my internet at least i currently have 50.0


I too will be cancelling my service the day Time Warner takes over. Way to screw over your customers Michael by sticking us with this company and its horrible track record.


Time Warner is the worst cable company I have ever had. Very disappointed that Insight would sell out but they dont care they have their money and now we will get screwed by bad service and high rates. I will be canceling my service very soon.


im mint whole wourld sorry


michale u need to change your mind like really fast .everybody is going to cancel there service and go to another company do u really want that .timewarner is not only the biggest company its the worst in the whole world havent u read up on time warner they have a bad background from employees to customers .Read please before u go any futher with this


im really upset that u would do somthing so stupid


Wow, Insight may have been overpriced but the internet service was top notch and I never had to worry about caps or any thing like that. Sure can't wait to cancel my tv and internet services the day of the official transition. Thanks a bunch for taking care of a long term paying customer Insight!

Paul Cahill

I loved insight. Not happy about this either.



Ok, let's suppose that each "partener" gets 1Billion.

Still even if he got 1/2 a billion or whatever. He could still watch his money mature, sit on a boat, and go fishing while his money just grows.


sad, sad day. To TWC of all companies. I am seriously considering cancelling service at this point.

Marissa Lipton



LOL - I laugh every time I see TMobile commercials advertising unlimited data, knowing that they want to sell to Capped (And throttled!) AT&T... now I can laugh when I see those Insight commercials toting how much they care as they sell to terrible TWC. We petitioned Insight and now I can do my homework! Give me a break. TWC is always does "well" in Consumerist's Worst Company Tournament... for a reason.

Their customer service is bad and their content almost worse. They still don't have NFL Network, took years to get ESPNU and Big Ten Network and still don't have HBOGO. It's like TWC feels they're not getting the best rate possible unless they are the last provider to get something....

Onry, TWC doesn't have caps (Though they reserve the right to in their vague agreement). They tested a 40gb cap a few years ago (Yes, you read that correctly)... and it was a terrible failure and they folded after the backlash.

Here's to hoping Cinbell or Verizon Fios will hit my market before TWC really gets in control...

Paul Templeton

I am not thrilled by the news but it is the way of the world now, the big swallowing up the small.
As for caps, Time Warner doesn't currently have any caps on broadband usage


He doesn't live in Louisville or Lexington to post #1 and to post #2 he is not getting 3 billion. Insight is a privately held company, owned, currently by 3 partners. However, we can all look forward to Broadband caps.


with the 3billion he is getting he will be able to basically sit back and let his money mature in funds that pay dividends.

After all why put up with customers, when money never sleeps, and doesn't complain!

Phillip Geurtz

Very disappointed Mike, I am very disappointed in this. I loved Insight, they had great customer service. They had great offerings. They had great rates. Everything was great, hell I even applied to work for Insight (not then anyone called me back for an interview). It wasn't Verizon Fios or something, but it was enough for my needs.

Now we shift to Time Warner, who has horrible customer service, horrible offerings, horrible rates.

Fine Michael, take your $3,000,000 and run. Here's hoping you live in Lexington or Louisville, as your neighbors should let you know how they feel

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