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Friday, August 05, 2011


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A MAJOR problem,is not an issue with Google TV or the Revue, it is with cable prdeoivr Comcast. Everything's fine if all you have is your set top box and the revue (or any other internet tv device), but if you also have a sound system, Comcast doesn't know if they have a set top box that can can handle more than 2 upstream devices. It does not work if you want to use both your sound system and the device. The proper way to cable it is via HDMI from the cable prdeoivrs set top box to the sound system, from there it would go to the device (Revue in my case) and then out to the tv. You may, as I did, get several incompetent Comcast reps, one may say this or that set top box will support 3 or more upstream devices, another will say it doesn't, still others will say they do not have a STB that can handle 3 or more upstream HDMI devices and they can't seem to agree, even amongst themselves. It's silly to even try if you have comcast, they obviously have no idea what they can and can not do. The best option, that I have found, is DirecTV. They claim to be able to do it, but I haven't tried. I do know that I'm going to leave comcast soon because of it.

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It really dendeps on how far you sit from the display At 42 , between a 720p set and a 1080p set, and lets say 9 feet away There wouldn't be a difference in resolution to the eye, move up closer like 3 feet away from the display and there will be. Anyways, how are the black levels, motion and Color on this display? It does have 600hz right? .I still have a hard time giving up my CRT because of its amazing color, perfect motion and fantastic blacks ;p And I'd want this for the Wii and Bluray[]

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Device integration has been on the rise; devices like Roku and Boxee have become more sophisticated and the number of TV’s that come IP ready are creeping up. While at the same time streaming

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