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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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The outcomes of pfroessional wrestling are predetermined but the emotions are surreal. Pro wrestling seems more emotional to me than pro sports. These guy are competing and politicking to win. Hall careers was certain had it peaks. But it is not rare (regardless of drug and alcohol problems) to see a guy with years of experiencing attempting to hang on even in the independents. They either have an unusual desire to keep competing or poor money management skills.


Is HBK a drug addict?Is Triple H?Hell,H never drank or did drugs .You can't blame soomenes drug problem on somebody else .Alot of the guys abused drugs and alcohol its just the others did it with some control and didn't allow the drug to overpower them .Funny that in this video he talks about his entire family being alcoholics and the trauma he must of gotten from Killing someone , and yet with all those skeletons the only thing you can put blame on is his best fried Kevin Nash?

arnold D. Seligman

I used to be able to watch football, basketball and boxing on espn3 on computer. All I can get now is talk shows...no games etc.

Todd Freeman

Yeah, what he said. When will we be able to use the WatchESPN app on our Iphones to via live video from the ESPN networks??


When is a realistic timeframe for WatchESPN to be available for Insight customers?

bob amato

Since the switch, can't watch on logitech revue. Doesn't say that it's blocked, just goes to loading screen and nothing happens.

clinton malloy

I tried the new site again. It is completly unusable.

clinton malloy

the change is not good. before watchespn the picture could be enlarged. cennot do that now. watch espn has degraded the program


"Via that portal, Time Warner Cable and Brighthouse customers can watch live feeds of ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPN Buzzer Beater and ESPN Goal Line channels on a computer. Currently, Insight customers have access to ESPN3 content online."

I see what you're doing there Mike, ;). But maybe you should also add, "Currently WatchESPN does not offer HD content, ESPN3 via their XBox360 portal is the only source for ESPN online streaming content in HD. Currently, Insight customers can access ESPN3 via their Xbox360 but Time Warner subscribers cannot."

Happy college football season kickoff everyone!

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