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Thursday, July 14, 2011


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‘Smartphone’ is now an outdated term, often used in the past by those who orglinaily used a separate PDA and phone. very true Austin. There was a time when the term samrtphone had meaning, but presently it is vague as every device has somehow a bit of smart built in. So Shaun instead of trying to get a definition that we get us nowhere, why not try and come up with a new word for the present devices?


My definition has chenagd for now, I call a smartphone' an internet computing device that is so good at connecting me to the rest of the world that it is good enough for me to use INSTEAD of a computer. I do not care about technical specs per se just that it is a preferred method to get something done.We have a pair of Nokia phones that have a (on paper) decent camera, contact app, can text, and even connect to the web etc. On paper, they would pass muster as having many features listed for a smartphone.' But the implementation is SO bad, we basically use none of them.In contrast, a Palm Pre or iPhone really make surfing the web from a small pocket computer usable sometimes even preferred over pulling out a computer. I swear Google maps on my iPhone is easier to use than the same site connected by a computer because the latter does not have GPS info connected to it.

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