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Friday, July 29, 2011


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I am no fan of AT&T, but I will take a slower data speed over overage charges. Personally, I think they are doing it in order to line themselves up more with T-Mobile, and to try and look less evil than they really are. However, I agree with others that AT&T needs to give a hard line on data useage, stating that anything above x-gb means that your bandwidth will be slowed.

I'm on Verizon, who just recently capped all of their data plans in a very AT&T-ish way. I kept my unlimited data plan by re-upping with them before the cut-off date. After this contract is up, I will probably look to Sprint or one of the budget carriers, and / or only carry a smart phone if my company pays for one.


I can't believe anyone can get a connection long enough with AT&T to use very much data.

Paul Templeton

I find throttling more palatable than overage fees, but if you are going to implement a cap, it should be clear what that cap is.


What a load of BS, AT&T announcing this and then saying "We wouldn't have to do this if you allow us to buy T-Mobile." AT&T is a pathetically bad company and for good reason they were broken up. Given the fact that people are allowed to OK deals like Comcast-NBC and then leave their govt. position to take a high paying position with the company they just OKed to form... I have very little faith the govt. will kill the merger. An unlimited data provider will bite the dust, bought out by a provider that not only caps but throttles. God Bless America, right?

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