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Friday, May 13, 2011


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i have to agree insight is one of the best cable companies i've seen that includes comcast time warner who i have direct knowledge of. Insight likes to test and test and test before they release something. Comcast and Time Warner make the public test a product if it fails or not. The best example i can produce is what they say "we are going to launch a test market" and Insight says "we are currently testing and hope to launch it in the near future". The one thing i would fault Insight on is their on-demand service i think it should be based on a monthly subscription like Netflix, and have a ppv for the fights and sporting events, and a low 24 hour rental of something that say is in the first 30 days of release. The 15 dollar before it hits theaters price is good just wish it was more movies.


Thanks Nate, but I was a total jerk and that is not who I am... long story from yesterday. But I appreciate being pointed in the right direction.


lol, I'm not an admin rob, just trying to point you in the right direction. I'm on here mainly to annoy mike into adding all the web portals out there like HBGO/ESPNNetworks/Showtimeanytime. No company is perfect, but I think Insight is better than most, so it sucks you've had bad history with them. I can't be 100% certain it was mike (But I'm thinking it was, looked like him), but I had someone from Insight knock on my door just to ask me how my service is (you know those commercials they aired with Mike doing it). I asked Chiller channel be added and a year later it was. So give him a try and see what happens.


I read your policy and am glad you responded. If you are an admin, feel free to remove my post and this post and I will communicate as you suggested.


Rob, main page, left side... comment policy. Feel free to email him directly, no need to go all Michael Douglas Falling Down on us.

Phillip Geurtz

Now all we need is Netflix on our cable boxes, hopefully with an improved UI (hint hint)

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