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Monday, May 23, 2011


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Nathaniel Greene

this is why you shouldnt buy a iphone thery are lying devices

Laura Cattell

I am very relieved to have found this site and particularly that a class action is in the works. My iphone -- while at home using wifi - received 1.4GB of data from AT&T over the weekend. I called and they are 'investigating'. It will take another 5 days before I get an answer. Meanwhile I went to the Apple store. Lots of tutting and head shaking there but no explanation. They turned off all the apps, which have always been there without a problem. 3G is only on when I leave the house and cellular data only gets turned on out of the house if I must send a text. Location and notifications are also off which makes me wonder why do have an iphone? It's not exactly useful in it's current form. The problem actually started when I was in London in May. I had a huge overage even with an international roaming plan -- AT&T reduced it without me even asking. The bill was $432 and they adjusted it to $180. Interestingly, 02 is the carrier in the U.K. and users there have had the same problem. The problems have just continued. I have done a reset to see if any more data does come though. At least I now have something tangible to make my case with.


There is a reason I'm no longer with AT&T for both cell phones and a landline. They could never explain why my monthly bill was always 3x-5x higher than they promised it would be. It did not matter if I had a tiny calling plan and never used the phone, or if I went "unlimited". They always found a way to gouge me of an extra $100-$150 each month, and they refused to budge or negotiate. While I'm not thrilled with Verizon, they at least work with me, and my bill is predictable with them.

Paul Templeton

@Phillip Geurtz
There is no background usage while the phone is off. This indicates that AT&T has problems with the accuracy of it's monitoring and billing.

Phillip Geurtz

Not a fan of AT&T, but these researchers need to make sure comparable phones, on competing carriers don't ave the same "background" data usage.

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