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Friday, May 27, 2011


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Derek Licciardi

Had a recent customer service issue with Insight that I described in a couple of blog posts on my blog.


and the followup:


From the first article:

"Lastly, I had an interesting customer service issue this afternoon with Insight Communications. My cable service died on me for the second time this week. The first time I though it was a fluke. The second time represents a pattern so I called Insight's help desk to get it resolved. They told me that I needed a repair technician to come out to my house to look at the cable. Since I already had a cable guy coming to my house Monday morning, I offered this tidbit up and suggested that both the installation tech and the repair tech come to the house so the outage and the CableCARD installation could be done at the same time. Easy, simple, elegant solution. Not possible using Insight's dispatching and work order system. The best they could initially offer me was to schedule both of the technicians for the same time window. (8-11:30am)

I explained the problem with this approach and was stonewalled by the customer service rep. This is what the computer tells me and I am trained/unable to recognize any problems that fall outside of the parameter space of the all mighty computer in front of me. Poor girl never knew what hit her as I became more and more angry with the idea that I would have to take additional time off work with no gaurantees that the problems would be resolved. If the repair technician shows up after the install technician, then the latter will blame the connection when the CableCARD fails to install. The former would blame the skill of the install technician and I as a customer would wind up with wasted time, no cable service and the grim prospect of starting all over from scratch. Time to talk to a manager.

Pam answered the phone and I explained my situation to her. Told her that all I really wanted was to have both technicians at my house in the first appointment window at the same time. I explained that I should not have to take an additional 3 hour window (3 hours off work) just to get around the shortcomings of their customer service procedures. She agreed that I wasn't crazy, put me on hold and tried to resolve the problem. The resolution, get one guy that can do both jobs to come during the first appointment windows. Fantastic. Great job. The first girl either wasn't allowed to deviate from the script or didn't know that such multi-talented individuals existed. Pam took care of it. Even called me back in less than an hour to tell me that it was taken care of. "

I'm glad to report that after this initial phone call, everything went smoothly and I took the time to explain that much on my blog today.


Good article, Michael! I love how everyone at Insight has such passion for what we do and for our customers! You are correct that no company is perfect, but we really do an awesome job and do everything we can to make sure that we take care of our customers! Whether it's providing superior products or outstanding customer service, we are here to serve our customers! Customers who are not a number to us, they have a name and we serve them from the very communities they work and play.


Somebody from you guys came to my door Mike, I can't be 100% sure but I think it was you. Older guy, memory is a bit fuzzy but I think it was you. Too bad I can't get the Cincy Bell CEO to come to my door, I'd have a list of complaints for him. Then again, if he were the type of CEO that cared enough about what his customers thought to go door-to-door I doubt I'd have nearly as many problems with them to begin with.

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