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Monday, April 18, 2011


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I was contemplating getting the multi-room DVR service and I am a little concerned with all of the negative reviews that I have been seeing. The last post I am seeing is on September 18th. Has there been any updates that has taken care of these issues?


I have the system in 2 rooms. The most annoying (thinking of going to satellite) issue is with 2 football games being recorded on one set, I was trying to go back and forth just between those 2 games and the control wouldn't allow switch, would lock up and would continually loose signal ("searching for signal" screeen would appear). Annoying was an understatment.


Is the solution DLNA compliant?


I've had this setup in Northern Ky with 3 DVR boxes (and of course the NAS for storage) and so far it's pretty good. Definitely cheaper than three old style DVRs. The quirk I see periodically is that sometimes a box will only see what's been recorded from that device. It won't show what's been recorded from the other boxes. A reboot usually fixes the problem. I hope(expect) that things like this will be addressed with firmware updates.

Great move on this one, Insight!


Can you give us an update on when a software refresh might be done to fix the many glaring bugs currently present? I've pretty much reached my limit after last night I watched a show, and at the end it prompted me to delete the show and I did, except it deleted a completely different show I haven't seen yet. That is the second time it has done it. I have 3 boxes and each locks up or reboots spontaneously at least once a week. I feel like I should be getting a discount for partially functional equipment.

Phillip Geurtz

@Aries Silva, I agree, the bugs in the new system are getting annoying. The Pace equipment is not as responsive as the old Motorola equipment. There seems to be an annoying delay when doing anything on the Pace.

Plus the interface hasn't changed. I see my satellite friends interface and it's so much nicer and a heck of a lot more responsive and I'm jealous of them.

Aries Silva

I had the system installed in my house late last week (Simpsonville). I can vouch that its pretty cool and like a previous poster pointed out it is indeed cheaper than having 3 stand alone DVRs. However because it is a fairly new product it has some bugs which are anoying but not catastrophic. Hopefully Insight will release a software update to fix them.


I am surprised you didn't mention (to me) the biggest selling point of this service. The ability to watch HD programming for less than $16/m per box. With the price of HD sets becoming more and more affordable this was (in my opinion)a much needed move.


3 old style DVR's cost $48 per month. 3 multiroom DVR's cost $21 and the NAS is free. So you do save money on equipment.


It's not! I called and checked. It's limited to only 3 TV's and each receiver cost $7.00/mth. That's after your paying the $10/mth charge just to be able to use multi-room DVR. So to get the capabilities described you will be dishing out $31/mth and you havn't even bought a TV package yet. There are better (cheaper too) multi-room DVR packages out there.


you left the most important part out of the post, the cost$$$. This can't be cheap.

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