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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


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We move from to on January 2011, with the idea of pay less, unfortunately..pass to a big nmtighare and the big scam never seen. the service apparently starting on 18th January, we have option 2, 40GB . we really not use p2p or another downloads. however sometimes, like see Iplayer , hearing music with we7. and you tube videos.also we work with 2 e-mails imap. all day. The speed never work fine, just in the mornings, during afternoon and evening the speed and my e-mails get frozen, and is nothing can do, we call to technical support during all week, and the problem continue.today 28th there is not a solution, and request cancel this account.But the history not finish yet, on 25th January arrive a e-mail from what say my usage is of 32GB 32GB in 1 week ? we call to technical support and they say we use this, they ask to us for malware, that not exists because we use Imac. and the pc wear malawarebite, and is free of infections.our wireless is disable, because all house is connect by wire Ethernet. the big surprise cannot proof or show me how I use this 32 GB in 7 days. from the next days, we check our line all day, and not use anything in our internet, except e-mails, a big surprise next day our usage rise to 39.2GB near limit, and they recommend upgrade to unlimited, that mean a3 10 more in the bill. there is absolute disgusting and never never again choose WARNING.. ABOUT THIS COMPANY . IS ABSOLUTE SCAM AND ROBBERY.VA:F [1.9.16_1159](from 3 votes)

Aries Silva

This is pure bs. At&t is doing this for no other reason than to make more money. Michael please tell me you guys are not considering adding hard caps/overages to insight...

Nate Hiatt

Why not throttle the 2% during peak hours? What harm are the 2% doing at midnight? This is planning for the future, it's 2% now... in a year it will be 10%.... 2 years 20%... during which I'm sure they will lower the cap to compensate. What a crock, al franken is the only one that seems like he gets it in Washington.

Paul Templeton

The thing most miss, is that ATT is blaming customers for their lack of foresight.
If they had built and sold their networks with the idea that an increasing percentage of their customers will fully utilize their allotted bandwidth then there would be no need for caps.

Nate Hiatt

Absolutely terrible. I'd like to see proof that 2% of their subscriber base (Their own figure) is causing such a drag for the other 98% that this is needed and if indeed it is true it speaks to ATT's engineers that they would allow such a bottle neck to occur. But we all know this has nothing to do with network congestion, what a terrible terrible company. Makes ISP's partnering with streaming services interesting... "AT&T, now offering ESPN3.com!!!" Then in really small text below "But don't use it too much or we will gouge you." Same thing with HBOGO.com (Still hoping to hear about it's rollout for insight soon Mike!), we offer it as a "added bonus" for our subscribers, but don't use it much or it will very quickly no longer be an added bonus.

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