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Friday, February 11, 2011


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Nate Hiatt

I have said here in the past, the only reason I keep cable is for HBO & Showtime. Specifically their boxing coverage (I am a big boxing fan)... but I am very close to cutting the cord Mike. I'm 26 and work in IT so I'm not your average consumer, but I'm so close to saying good bye because of garbage like this. Media Center PC, tv tuner with PVR... Hulu (Forget HuluPlus and their limited content I'll be enjoying their full free catalog), Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Streaming, MLB.TV, NHL Game Center Live. The current system is broken and politicians are bribed to accept it, meanwhile cable rates have increased at a greater rate than crude oil over the last decade. I have relatives out of state and I know how to get around (without degrading the quality) IP filtering, I would find it unethical and wrong if I didn't feel the system itself is unethical and wrong.


This post and the one regarding March Madness just underscore the fact that the obscene amounts paid for NFL and college basketball/football broadcast rights are driving the lion's share of increases in subscription TV rates regardless of whether it's for cable, satellite, or FiOs. In the meantime, those of us who have no interest in sports programming have to pay for it while those channels that at one time offered at least some arts and cultural programming (I'm thinking of A&E, TLC, and Bravo) have degenerated into a garbage heap of reality shows and trash TV. Even NatGeo, which I would expect to offer some good science/exploration programs, seems to be dominated by prison reality shows. My point is that non-sports programming has deteriorated while cable rates have increased to cover sports programming in which I have no interest.

Even if a complete a la carte programming system is not cost-effective, cable and satellite ops need to consider some packaging alternatives (including within the Classic Cable tier) in order to offer better value to subscribers.

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