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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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WHERE IS THE NEW MULTI ROOM HD DVR???? Coming soon still I guess...


Seriously, Cartoon Network HD and Comedy Central HD STILL aren't in louisville?


When will these channels be available in Louisville KY. These are all the channels I've been looking for.


HD is nice, but what about adding new, more diverse quality (SD) channels like Al Jazeera English (http://english.aljazeera.net/)? It would be nice to have an actual international channel for news instead of limiting our choices to just CNN, FOXN, and MSNBC...

Steve Huff

The website says you now have have over 100 HD channels and all HD channels are in the 900s. Any one else see a problem with that?


So I guess Louisville is getting the shaft. All of Kentucky has 100 HD channels while your biggest market, Louisville and Southern Indiana are stuck with just the basic HD channels. Makes sense...


When can Louisville expect more HD channels? I'd like to be able to watch BBC America in HD before the new season of Doctor Who premieres.


I can't believe DirectTV offers an HD tuner (no DVR) for $100, but Insight still only offers their HD DVR for $16/mo. With TV's so cheap now, most people have multiple HD TVs, but who wants to pay $16/mo per TV for HD programming??

Insight, you've got to come up with a cheaper non-DVR box that we can rent at a reasonable price, or just let us buy!!! Direct TV is going to clean your clocks on this one if you don't react.


I can only imagine it's on the agenda at Insight to reorganize the channel lineup. The "theme based" lineup of SD channels (100s to 800s) is becoming obsoleted by the new HD channels.

The legacy classic numbering will also have to be addressed, of course. Too many channels are available in three different places right now. For example, CNN is on 46, 407 and 904.

In the future, I see a streamlined numbering scheme with only one number per channel, which will simply use the HD signal unless you specify otherwise. We'll get there one day. For now, it's great just to have the new HD channels at all. :-)


Love the new HD channels...Not to be greedy but any chances for MLB,NBA and NHL HD channels and why is channel 930 still part-time? Plus I agree with Nate about the premium channels being put together in chronological order, it would be easier to scroll


I have to add my thanks as well. I was beginning to get frustrated without a number of HD channels that my friends/relatives were already receiving through other services. This upgrade adds almost all of them to my lineup, so thank you.

and thank you for reading the comments. My next hope is the new HD DVR will allow me to watch HD in my other rooms (instead of SD from a minibox), and more importantly not be a prohibitivly expensive upgrade over my current service (like the 50 meg internet is).


I figured there would be a few negatives no matter how good the news. That just comes with the territory when dealing with the public.

This is fantastic. Great HD selection, nearly to the point of not even needing anything below the 900 mark (of course, other than the music in the 800's).

Well done, Insight! Just let me use my fancy built-in digital tuners instead of mini boxes for my non-DVR rooms and I'll truly be in bliss. ;)

Nate Hiatt

Well hot donkey poo, this is nice. Little gripe here Mike, it's a bit of a pain when scrolling through channels that HBO/Showtime are separated. HBO is on 952 and the next HBO channel is 960, when actually scrolling down (Up) through the channels it would be nice if the premium channels were in chronological order. Dare I say I have every HD channel I need now? Nope, lol, get me MLB Network and NHL Network.


Hooray!!! The day has finally come. The customer service representative was right yesterday.

Just about everything I'd ever want in HD is now here. The only exception is IFC. Get us IFC and you're golden!

P.S. It's nice to know that somebody is actually reading the comments on this blog, too. :-)


Now pretty much all the channels I watch are now in HD!

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