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Thursday, January 27, 2011


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I also can't believe that Google, of all coapmnies, jumped into bed with Verizon on this issue. Google has long been a champion of what most would view as "business morality", but their joint proposal with Verizon goes to show that the more power one gains, the more corrupt one becomes. It's really a crying shame that Google is looking to get some room on the bed that all the other big corporations engage in their money orgy on. The sad part is that we (the consumer) are an unwilling participant and are trapped underneath all the corporate weight. With politicians participating by holding us down by the neck with one hand and taking corporate pay offs with the other, our only hope to escape is if someone company follows a moral compass and stands up for us. I thought for a while that this may be Google, but it seems that now they're just standing in line for their turn to take advantage of us.

Nate Hiatt


Any thoughts Mike?

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