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Friday, January 14, 2011


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YAY! I just turned on my TV and to my surprise the new HD channels were on!!


That's great news!
Thanks for letting us know Samantha. I don't understand why Insight can't make these announcements.


I have some good news for Northern Kentucky. Insight customer service just told me, regarding the new HD channels we've been waiting for in NKY since last year: "They're coming tomorrow." Looks like Tuesday is the day. Mark it down, guys and girls!


WHEN is NKY getting the new channels? Why is this such a secret?

And althought the 50 meg internet speed looks good on paper, when I called to inquire about it reality kicked in; $60 MORE per month than I'm already paying for my upgraded 20 meg. Seriously? How many people can really afford this luxery right now?


Release the monthly bill increases!

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