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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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with the new rules about self install what is the plan from insight to begin allowing them? Is there a date to start? I have a cable card tuner on order and just trying to plan things out and if I need to wait for the deadline or have a truck roll when it gets here.

I had a cable card install a couple weeks ago and the tech was not able to get it to work he kept having to call other techs for ideas and in the end just left the card with me. After I got it to give the numbers a nice lady on the phone was able to take my numbers and pair it. So I would think the system is in place but was curious.

Insight User

I don't know about now, but in the past, Insight CSR's routinely told callers that Insight "does not support" Tivo and other third-party devices, (which is true - they don't support them), but Insight CSR's confuse this to mean that they are not ALLOWED to ship CableCards to callers who ask for them for third-party devices.

Regards of the reason: ignorance, confusion, company policy, or avarace (perhaps they lose a commission on selling a STB?), the net result is the same: fewer CableCards in use.

Same thing has notoriously happened with other cable companies around the country.


Insight hasn't done a great job with the self-install - since they don't allow it....

Insight Customer in Louisville

"According these latest numbers, it doesn't appear that many customers are taking advantage of that rule."

What an ironic blog post. To the best of my knowledge Insight is not complying with the rule, so how could a customer "take advantage" of it sir?

If Insight is offering MCards for self-install, please post the info on your blog.


There are two more options for consumer owned cablecard devices.

Sony DHG-HDD250 and Sony DHG-HDD500. These are only 1 tuner devices though. No longer at retail but there are 3 on ebay.

Another is the Moxi. 3 tuners. Retails for $599. They also have a Moxi Mate device that can do multi-room dvr w/o another cablecard. Here is the website.


I have a Sony and 2 tuner Moxi (both purchased from ebay). Both using an Insight cablecard. The techs had never seen either device before.

Han Solo

>self-install them into boxes they purchased
>somewhere other than through their service provider

Oh yeah thats right.

Please tell us where we can purchase a our own cable box to put a card into.


That's right, except for TIVO there are NONE.

Because you guys have a deal with Motorola etc that they will ONLY sell to the cable companies and there are ZERO cable boxes available for purchase.

Then you brag about how few cable cards have been self-installed. Go ahead and self-congratulate yourself on your well done anti-fair marketplace practices.

Delbert Matlock

The rule changes the FCC approved should have happened years ago. This might have created competition when it was still possible.

With AllVid announced I don't think we'll see any new CableCard products on the market. Nobody is going to throw significant R&D dollars at a product which will be obsolete in two years.

CableCard is quickly (but not quick enough) heading for sunset as a technology. I just hope that AllVid can learn from the mistakes of CableCard and come to market as an extensible standard which can evolve as new technologies become available. I'll look forward to the day when a consumer can pickup an AllVid ready TV at BestBuy, bring it home, plug it in, and have it work without a call to the cable company to have more hardware delivered. The cable company should only need to put one box (the AllVid Gateway) in my home and test rest should be part of whatever CE device will be showing the content.


Consumers are not taking advantage of the new self-install rule because the FCC gave providers 9-12 months to comply with the rule and few to none have yet. Even Insight does not yet allow CableCard self-installs and the techs have absolutely no idea how to install them (I had to teach the tech that came to install mine). In fact, most of the rules have timelines before providers need to comply with them. Then there is the fact that choices of CableCard capable devices are extremely limited (there are only two currently being produced -- Tivos and the Ceton tuners -- and one more in development -- the HDHomerun Prime) due to the ridiculous certification process and fees imposed by CableLabs. I think 5,000 in three months is a very significant figure given the amount of resistance from cable providers.


a big reason why cablecard numbers are down is because no one manufactures tv's with the slot anymore.


People are not using Cablecards in large numbers right now because there are very few devices (TiVo) for sale that allow their use. Once these products become available in the retail channel you will see a large up-tick in deployment. Cablecards are a great solution for many consumers and I patiently await the HDHomerun Prime.

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