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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


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The hidden wildcard in the net neutrality issue is how often consumers upgrade or purchase a new computer. Internet congestion is not just a function of how much bandwidth is available, but how quickly computers can ingest the information.

As for the comment by Nate Hiatt, while visual disclosure may not seem like a big deal, if there is one thing the internet does reasonably well is apply a "gotcha" to anyone who does something that the internet community as a whole deems anti-internet.

I would presume that the blogging community would be able to create significant negative publicity for any big business corporation that tries to favor bandwidth allocation to its own programming over all others.

Nate Hiatt

This is not net neutrality... you would applaud it Michael, it's so slanted in favor of big business it's disgusting. "however there would be an acceptance of flexibility for providers to allow them to manage their networks, specifically in the interest of reducing network congestion. Providers will be required to disclose their management practices to their broadband customers." So you can basically block/slow down anything you want with this loophole as long as you disclose it up front... lovely.

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