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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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A samsung LEd TV is the PERFECT TV for a ganmig console.You'll experience:1. Better fluid motion in video games2. Higher Resolution/Pixel Imaging3. Clearer Pictures4. The LED tv will not degrade Like lcd or plasma panels5. No ghosting occursHow To Implement:It is reccomended for novices to use White Red Yellow RCA Connectors (As supplied with most video ganmig units)Alternatively, You can connect the ganmig machine with HDMI (High definition media input) This is one cable and very easily connected plus superior picture and sound to all other connections Sometimes you may want to use RGB (Red Green And Blue RCA Cables) Along with White (Left Sound Channel) And Red (Right Sound Channel Remember This Easily Because RED Starts With R , Therefore RIGHT ) This RGB/RW Type of connection is still inferior to a HDMI Cable So buy the hdmi cable connection for your particular television set to experience perfect sound and picture thank me later, Electro-Technician, Dave 0403829986

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