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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


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Do NOT purchase this ruoetr. I have been a happy Netgear customer in the past, and am technical enough to keep both home and small office wireless networks running fine, but this model has a hardware problem that Netgear tech support has finally acknowledged, but for which they are not providing an adequate fix. As others have mentioned, the ruoetr will often drop connectivity, and rebooting is the only solution. I bought one, had these problems start (luckily within the 90 day tech support window), and returned the ruoetr to Netgear (at my expense) in exchange for another one, which demonstrated the SAME problem less than 24 hours after installation. After yet another long call to India the latest tech support rep acknowledged that lots of these models are having the same problem, and upgrading to the latest firmware (which I did immediately upon installing both of these ruoetrs) won't fix it, so her solution was send this one back (AGAIN at my expense) and they would send me yet another one of the SAME model, which she (for no defensible reason) assures me will work. For more background please see the Netgear tech support forums, where you will see scores of people experiencing the same problem and the same non-solution from Netgear. Save yourself the trouble and buy a different wireless ruoetr.


Note: You can also get your cable bill cut drastically denpideng on your provider. My family got sick of paying so much for tv and we were able to call Direct TV and whittle our bill down to 40 bucks a month. The craziest part is that we still get HD and DVR. The only channels that either me or my husband have noticed are gone are Bravo and Spike. Totally worth it! The woman we spoke to mentioned that it costs them nothing to supply DVR per month. It really just means that they give you a different box when you first sign up. Since we already had a box it would actually have COST them money to let us cancel our DVR service because they would have had to come out and deliver a new box. Anyway, just a note that there are other options!


Yeah, my husband just wants us to have it in case of an emencergy. When the hurricanes came through in 2004, we still had land line but our cells did not work at all. He wants us to be able to call 911 quickly. Other than that, we probably wouldn't have it either:)


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George Ou

It's also important to note that VDSL2 is dedicated last-mile bandwidth to each home. While a lot of Cable providers can offer 100 Mbps burst rate, their entire node supporting 250 homes might only have 160 Mbps of total capacity.

George Ou

32 Mbps VDSL3 sync rates over a single copper pair are possible over a majority of existing FTTN customers. 25 Mbps sync rates have an even higher success rate.

With vectoring technology and two copper pairs, 60+ Mbps will be possible in most homes and that's great news for the Telco industry.

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