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Monday, November 22, 2010


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M. Sullivan

We are getting different information from Insight. When we called Insight, we were told that if we have a new HDTV with a digital tuner, we did not need the mini-box. Then, when the technician came to install the mini-boxes on our older tvs, he said we did need the box for the HDTV. But after talking to us, he said he thought we were right and he was wrong. So what's the answer Insight???


Insight has me looking for another service. I loose the local broadcast HD. I loose the ability to record one channel and watch another. The new channels I gain.... well let me say I'm not too interested in Shopping Networks or local programming.

Rolly Hoyt

Isn't disingenuous to say "the most HD for free" now that mini boxes are required for all sets without DVR boxes?

The mini boxes appear to take away the HD feeds of local over-the-air stations. Thus to get HD on every set in the house, I now need to pay extra for DVR converters for every set. You aren't charging to get the HD programming as a package, but you are charging to get access to the programming.

And while I'm sure technology will evolve considerably by the time the 75 cent charges for the mini boxes kick in (or at least the business model will change), it appears to me like this all-digital conversion is a way to upsell subscribers to more expensive converter boxes. Not a smart move with a growing number of content providers vying to send what they have down the cables and airwaves into my house.


How about the ability to set DVR remotely?? Other service providers have had this option for YEARS. How about some proactivity?!

Nate Hiatt

Where are these new HD channels we keep hearing about in NKY??? Getting tiresome Mike that we're not seeing any, yet it's being used as a marketing point.


The mini-box is a digital to analog converter and when it is installed, a few things go away. People with dual tuner VCRs (there are some out there) lose the ability to record one channel while viewing another and people with HD sets connected to basic cable lose their "clear view" or "local" HD stations without installation of another splitter and a "A/B" coax switch. Insight needs an intermediate digital solution to receive HD without the DVR which appears to cost 50% more through Insight than it would with satellite. I have several HD sets and am already paying for two DVRs and a cable card but my HD viewing on the patio has become a very inconvenient process the Digital 6.10 appears to have caused, not alleviated.

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