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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


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fiber would be nice,but what about a $99 wimax router that reeievcs and broadcasts to other near by routers creating a bittorrent inspired web of routers.and yes its all ad supported.this router could also function as pvr using sdhc cards.it would be designed by samsung


If you're trying to view iPlayer after 5pm, BT will be reinsictrtg your connection. Ironically, they do this throttling to give "regular users" a bigger slice of the bandwidth, and prevent bittorrent and video watchers from taking it all.I don't think they realise "regular users" are now the ones watching iPlayer and downloading podcasts!

Eric DiDomenico


I propose a new model that will benefit consumers and Insight: make the 50.0 for the price of $50/mo. Then release a 100Mbps for $90/mo and a 160Mbps for businesses only! I guarantee you'll have a LOT of serious consumers signing up for the 100Mbps, and you'll make money to recoup the money you spent upgrading in less than 1 year and then lower the prices some more!

My 50.0 connection is scheduled for a few days from now. Can't wait; then I can pwn all the n00blets (own all the players) in online gaming!


columbus has had 50.0 for about 4 weeks now time warner's road runner service rolled it out around late oct

Scott Simmons

And a quick correction to my earlier statement. I was incredibly wrong, it appears to be about the same price as other markets.

I was a little quick on the draw, my apologies.

Scott Simmons

I've been waiting for this moment for a year, and now that it's finally here, I'm somewhat disappointed in the price model.

I admire Insight's stride in the past year to catch up with the rest of the country and world, but not for the price.

Correct me if I'm wrong sir, but for the price you're asking, other markets are offering phone, internet, and TV.



Gerard D

Shepard just showed up without calling like they promised. I guess since they were still in their original time window it's alright.

They used my existing motorola docsis 3.0 modem and left me a new belkin N router.

before: http://www.speedtest.net/result/1047415145.png
after: http://www.speedtest.net/result/1047569780.png

Looks good!

Gerard D

Shepard Communications just called to tell me that they were overbooked on their morning appointments and that they wouldn't be able to come out until this afternoon. They couldn't give me any time estimate except that they would call me 30 minutes before so that I didn't have to sit around and wait all day.

Ethan Stewart

I have 50.0 installed early tomorrow morning. So excited for the upgrade!


Hope your Saturday installs turn out as good as my install today (Friday) in Northern KY. I'm getting up to 57.5 down and 5.5 up. For those in our area, a nice change of pace from Cincinnati Bell's story of "4.1 down and 590k up is great for a 5 down 768k up DSL service."

Bryan L

Same here, looking forward to it :)

Gerard D

Have my install scheduled for Saturday morning.. Can't wait. I am a little disappointed that they couldn't just turn it on since I already have a DOCSIS 3.0 modem but apparently they require a service call to install their DOCSIS 3.0 modem and wireless N router.

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