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Monday, November 29, 2010


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Dear Slippy,I do not understand what pbmelros you have with GUI unpackers on Linux. Most GUI unpackers just send the same arguments to the actual command line tools, so they should more or less work in similar ways.What you need to do, regardless of what GUI is there, is wait for all the parts of a 7z archive to be completely downloaded. Then you might want to check out the commands in .Summary:7z -y x the.archive.7z.000tar -xf the.archiveYes, most of the archives go into a directory called geocities . It's supposed to be okay like this.On Windows you will not really be able to unpack all the stuff because the file system is not case-sensitive, meaning it doesn't distinguish between file names with uppercase and lowercase letters.

Nate Hiatt

I find it a little odd/scary Michael that you haven't put in your 2 cents worth on the Comcast/Level 3 debacle. I doubt you're unaware of the details, which leads me to believe you don't want to share your opinion, which is a little unsettling.


And the lesson for this this Thanksgiving weekend was that if you want to post something online, post classified national security documents and not that C.S.I. episode that everyone was able to watch for free.

I for one will sleep easier knowing that it's (not) harder for anyone to see that new Twilight movie before it comes out on DVD within the next week. At least our government is trying to protect something.

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