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Thursday, October 21, 2010


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As a Cablevision subscriber I can say that these types of naiotietgons have become mind-numbingly annoying. Every time you turn on your TV it's tuned to a shrill repeating message from Cablevision trying to incite their subscriber base to gang up on News Corp., ABC, or whoever is Cablevision's enemy of the moment. My9 (is that a TV channel?) and WNEW have been blocked from Cablevision. Am I supposed to care? I don't. It's just a reminder of all the bogus channels I'm paying for that I don't watch.Personally I'm ready to pay producers of shows directly not channels, or corporations that own multiple channels, or cable services that license the channels the actual producers who MAKE the shows I watch. I'm willing to pay the same amount I pay now for a cable subscription DIRECTLY to the producers of the shows. That will mean that those producers will get more of my money to make great shows and I won't have to support any of the reams of garbage. I'm sure that day is coming but not before the middlemen like Cablevision and News Corp. fight over the disappearing scraps. I guess that's the price of change.

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