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Monday, October 25, 2010


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I can't get Insight to come to my house. They provide service right down the street, but I was told if I wanted service I would have to pay $15,000/mile of (public) cable that they laid.


@ Frustrated,

True. I won't pay a high premium for the 50mbps service. I doubt too many people would, but again depends on the price. Most people should have the option to change providers as long as they have a clear view of the sky for satellite TV. I've had both Dish & now DirecTV. They are both night and day compared to Insight TV. Definitely worth looking into if you want more, better HD.



That's great. And I'm sure some people can benefit from it. But how much are you willing to PAY for it?

And what percentage (do you think) of Insight customers will pay for the 50 Meg service?

Some people don't have the option to jump to another TV provider. And Mr. Willner promised us new HD channels almost a year ago and never delivered. So I'm personally frustrated because I feel my cable service is sub-par (for what I'm paying). I have no problems with Insight's broadband service.


I'll take the 50 mbps Mr. Frustrated :)

I switched TV providers and have the HD that I want. So that leaves me wanting this awesome internet speed from Insight.


I wonder if Mr. Willner and the folks at Insight listen to their customers.

Is there really anybody requesting 50 Meg internet speeds that they don't need and can't afford? I've never heard anybody say, "Jeez....this 20 Meg internet speed is just so slow".

Michael.....if you pay attention.....you'll notice that the majority of your blog readers just want MORE HD CHANNELS with a little bit BETTER VIDEO QUALITY. We'd also appreciate it if Insight would stop BENDING US OVER with the price increases.

I've had a couple different Insight techs check my cable connection, and they keep telling me it's great. But I still get tons of pixilation, macroblocking, and freezing while watching HD channels.

Please just give us decent looking HD channels for a decent price. I don't need 50 Meg internet speeds anytime soon.



He wont address Columbus, if Insight could sell us to TWC they would, in a way I wish we were one of the Comcast markets, then at least we'd be getting upgraded more often, but at higher prices.


Care to address when anything is going to happen in Columbus? I switched at AT&T when I moved up the street because Insight does not seem interested in upgrading this market due to the agreement with TWC.

Nate Hiatt

I could care less about internet speeds until Insight rolls out more HD in NKY. Watching sports on VERSUS in SD is terrible and I absolutely hate dropping 45$+ on a fight to not have it available in HD on INDEMAND. After they get the HD up to par maybe I'd be more excited about this.


@ Thomas;
You are correct the basic unit is and always will be the bit. Yes data is transmitted in bits just as it is saved in bits on your harddrive, CD's, DVD's and even Blu-ray disks.
But there is a progression that is followed in most everything but advertised ISP transmissions speeds.
Do you measure your harddrive in megabits? How about the data stored on a DVD? It is all just bits. Even something that held small amounts of data like the old floppy diskettes was advertised as holding 1.44 megabytes.
I know harddisk values are calculated a little differently so the advertised values are little higher than actual (I actually have a gripe with this also) but the ISP's are fooling most into thinking they are getting multiple times what they really are


30.0 was using the old docsis 2.0 system and it stretched it to the limit 50.0 is just the beginning to the docsis 3.0 system some companies have been able to achieve 300mbps with docsis 3.0 with the limit guestimated somewhere around 3gbps


Insight never ceases to amaze me...When I tried to upgrade my broadband to 30mb from 10mb, I had to settle for 20mb because "30mb is not in my area". I live in Fairdale. Of course Evansville/Henderson and Bowling Green districts will get the 50mb it appears before 30mb reaches my town.


Did someone cry wolf again or is Insight making promises.

I haven't seen anything about TVs shows that will start using DRM and Insight's DVRs maybe not being able to record those copyrighted shows.


The announcement of the coming service is just one shoe. The other shoe drops when they announce the price (probably along with my jaw, to the floor). I'd much rather hear about new HD channels, like EncoreHD and TCMHD...


I am sad that Lexington was promised these speeds first and now it appears that is not the case? This is very disappointing.

I am a Windstream/Dish Network customer hoping that the price performance of this package is the reason for me to switch to Insight. I am watching closely for the Lexington launch.


I'll double down on the comming to Columbus, OH market. We seem to be the redheaded stepchild of the districts, get some things outhers dont, or not when outhers do. Heck It's ovious our cable lineup cards are just cut & pasted, it shows CN2 being available here, but the channel number it gives dosent exist on the system here. Add to the fact that as RR customers we get screwed on ESPN3 access as were not TWC customers and were not InsightBB customers.


Hey Michael, I have the economy pac, went down when the monet got tight, we have the 1mb service, when all these upgrades are done will the 1 become the 10 as the default?


but also take note if you are running anything less than a dual core amd or Intel with nothing less than 4 gigs of ram DDR2 and running windows 7 with a decent graphics card you will never see 50.0 speeds and those are minimum specs I would recommend qu5ad core 6 gigs of ram DDR3 running windows 7 64bit and a 1 gig GDDR3 graphics card 50.0 speeds are there for the extreme gamers and video "junkies" out there you need a very good system to achieve those speeds


50.0 is not going to be cheap other markets that currently have 50megabit internet speeds charge anywhere from 70 to 120 a month for those speeds so expect insight to follow suit


the whole computer world?? a bit is just the backbone of everything data wise without a bit you wouldn't have a byte and you are correct 5 megabits is just over 500KB since there are 8 bits in a byte and the reason they say it in bits is because thats what packets are sent in so thats how you get "true" speeds and if a the computer world sent things over the internet in bytes it would be in bytes but it sends it in bits so its in bits


Woot! Best news I've heard from Insight in a long time. Just afraid to hear how much it's going to cost....


Actually the download speeds are as good now as anyone needs. I would rather have symmetrical upload and download speeds like 25 up and 25 down.
Only when we have good upload speeds will things like HD videoconferencing, or sharing high quality home movies to grandma across country be practical.


I find it funny that the ISP industry talks Megabits when everything else in he computer world is measured in Megabytes.
50 Megabits = 6.5 Megabytes and 5 Megabits = a little over 1/2 of a meg.


Will this also be coming to the Insight Roadrunner markets? (i.e. Columbus OH?)

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