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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


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But don't you think most pay-tv consumers would do the same? Then those other cnhnaels become obsolete, which is fine for consumers, but not necessarily the television industry itself. This is doubtful to happen until TV is truly in dire straights (might be soon, might be not)


It is time to end this re-trans fee nonsense for once and for all.

The public air waves used by the television stations, to broadcast to the people of the US BELONG TO THE PEOPLE.

The cable companies are mandated to carry locals in most cases.

There should be ZERO RETRANS FEES for local stations to be carries by providers who cover the local market.

Let the local stations make money the old fashiond way - EARN IT instead of stealing it.

Nate Hiatt

Ugh, sounds like Fox knew cablevision was in a rough spot with the playoffs going on and tried to extort them, Cablevision called their bluff and everyone feels the pain..... 200-300% increases, dear lord. Even the 68.5% increase is excessive. I feel for the cable companies, they are the ones that take the heat from the consumer when they're the ones trying to protect the consumer. They could easily fold to their 300% increase and just carry the cost over to us.


"We need less regulation!"
How many times have we herd this nonsense and people actually buy in to this cr@p.
ALL of us *including cable industry* can expect more cost with this new "pay as you go" democracy shakedown.

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