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Thursday, October 28, 2010


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So Cablevision pays themselves more for MSG and MSG Varsity than they do for all 12 Fox Networks...sounds fair. Sure, they'll agree to bindnig arbitration as the Provider, but when they are the programmer like with MSG they won't. Try getting MSG HD on your Fios or DirecTV. Just a bit hypocrytical? FOX may be being too greedy this time, but when you're wrong 98% of the time you don't deserve the benefit of the doubt. Can't wait to go back to DirecTV!


It is time for the Justice Department to enforce the 1952 Paramount Consent Decrees which forbids this bundling practice in the motion picture and television industries.

It is time for the public to decide what we want and are willing to pay for. Rates will fall as true competition for bandwidth will lower the cost to the consumer to gain distribution and advertising revenue. Let the specialty stuff be distributed via the internet as most of what is on cable is not live anyway.

Nate Hiatt

I read on another site Fox is asking Cablevision to pay more than they currently pay for ABC/CBS/NBC combined. Cablevision is also giving 10$ credits to any sub who pays to watch the World Series via streaming, way to go Cablevision...

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