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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


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Look, at least you don't have Cablevision. Back when I lived in Rockland County, I (and every other subscriber) were seebjctud to its nasty little fights with a few channels. For a quick second we weren't sure if we would continue getting the Food Network (even though we'd already paid for it). Then Cablevision and ABC got into a nasty spat; it reached a fever pitch when ABC had a temper tantrum and their service right before the Academy Awards. Subscribers complained enough however, so we got to see most of it, but I'm still annoyed it happened.


Cable "à la carte" would fix this real fast.


the reason why he posts about other cable providers like time warner comcast and cablevision is simply because those same things happen to him and insight customers when these contracts are up and the rebroadcasters are behind the 8 ball when it comes to the prices they are force to pay. so in short if you want your cable bills to stay low without big hikes make a stand call these broadcasters its not cable that makes the bills go up its the broadcasters that force cable to pay more and cable has to raise their rates to turn a profit or to simply to keep their doors open like for instance the GSN channel that insight choose to keep their rates down instead of keeping that station which if they had would have raised everyones bill 3 dollars a month for 1 station to put that into perspective insight has lets say 2 million subscribers for for numbers thats 6 million a month insight would have to pay 1 station let alone the other 200+ they have so please take interest and make a stand like our CEO has

Insight Customer in Louisville

The dispute between Fox and Cablevision is interesting, but extended discussion of it seems a bit out of place on a blog that concerns Insight, unless we ALSO get some Insight-related posts.

For example? What do you think about the FCC's decision last week affecting CableCard users? Will Insight embrace customer choice and self-install?

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