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Friday, June 25, 2010


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Not An Insight Customer

I'm in the 1.4%. Satellite does not count. If you had to live with satellite Internet, you'd know. GIVE US BROADBAND IN ASHVILLE!


i just reviewed the speedtest.net numbers and the U.S.A have an avg download speed of 9.8 mbps and upload of 2.3 mbps now thats with 39,000,000 different ip addresses though we aren't the fastest country we do have the most people online with highspeed internet take for instance south Korea they have the fastest internet as a country with 32.3 mbps download and 18.8 mbps upload but only have 218,000 different ip addresses we have a much larger network with alot more overhead cost for faster internet speeds so we slow down what we can get so more people can get it insight has some of the fastest internet speeds around and soon insight will have the fastest period.

Paul Templeton

Only because most consumers has never experienced true broadband as the rest of the world defines it.
A bird, having never experienced freedom is perfectly happy in it's little cage.

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