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Friday, June 25, 2010


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Very interesting inreevitw. Specifically to see Stewart take an opposing view to the far left, or even the regular left. It really shows towards the end of the clip with the issues surrounding Iraq and George Bush's search for WMDs. - Makes me wonder if he looks for opportunities to counter leftist media because he is truly on a quest for unbiased and/or unsensationalized' media, or rather if it's more about making himself seem as though he is capable of surveying an issue from a neutral standpoint. Seems a little altruistic and self-serving to me. I think it resonates perfectly with his humble non-honourable self-depiction to paint him as the hero of American media. I love him, but not ready to go there yet Great post.


i watch fox to get my laugh for the day glenn beck is only doing 20 degrees of separation sometimes less in fact just about everyone in the world knows somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody.............. its a known fact that 6 degrees of separation can have millions of people connected. politics and business elite might have a few 100,000 at best so yes everyone is going to talk about or be part of a company or a group that knows another group or company so to get your full news that is both fair and balanced you have to watch all 3 major networks CNN MSNBC fox and if you want to hear some real news from time to time watch Dan Rathers reports on hdnet

Mark R

Yes Calvin,

There are actually individuals in this area that are not vacuous and vapid to the point where Faux News is their indoctrination infusion.


Does anyone actually watch MSNBC?

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