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Monday, March 01, 2010


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As a pill phobic mylesf, I have to agree that this seems to be a magic solution. Hope he isn't on them for his whole life though! He is a charming and imaginative fellow who needs to make his grandma some ART!!!Love you all, Gramann(MD) It remains to be seen how long he'll need to be on this. With improvements in his ability to control himself, eventually it may become so ingrained that he won't need the boost from the meds. We're not big on pills either, but if it's helping him get to his feet, then we're for it.


We won't even get into how easy it is now for these companies to muzlze the press and keep anyone from looking at or reporting bad things happening at these companies.Where does this come from? What evidence do you have that these companies are somehow immune from press criticism?.... and everyone wonders why those DirecTV dishes are so popular in Canada.DirecTV's popularity has more to do with regulations than corporate culture. You can get HBO and Comedy Central on DirecTV, but have to settle for their Canadian equivalents on our satellite services.


I find it hilarious this blog tries hard to downplay a competitors wireless network, when Insight doesn't have a network of its own.

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